Reject Brownback’s sneaky, last-minute attack on Kansas Supreme Court justices

Gov. Sam Brownback's PAC helped fund a last-minute attack on Kansas' Supreme Court justices.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s PAC helped fund a last-minute attack on Kansas’ Supreme Court justices.

Remember when Gov. Sam Brownback’s office repeatedly said he wasn’t going to get involved in the battle over whether to retain four Kansas Supreme Court justices he doesn’t politically agree with?

Election Day brought the news that it appears Brownback lied.

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Here is (almost) all the last-minute information you need to vote Tuesday

Vote Tuesday!

Vote Tuesday!

Election 2016 is almost over! So are you ready to vote Tuesday?

Here’s your last-minute opportunity to read about most of the issues on the ballots in Missouri and Kansas.

Below are all local 28 posts I have written about the 2016 elections on Yael on the Trail. They include information — and endorsements — on the best candidates to beat back Gov. Sam Brownback in Kansas; cigarette taxes in Missouri;  Supreme Court justice retention races in Kansas; the three questions in Kansas City; and much more.

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Unenthusiastic “yes” on Jackson County’s Combat tax; “no” on Question 3

Vote "yes" to retain the COMBAT anti-drug tax.

Vote “yes” to retain the COMBAT anti-drug tax.

Voters first approved Jackson County’s anti-drug COMBAT tax almost 30 years ago for good reasons. The county wanted to treat drug users, prevent others from getting addicted, and use law enforcement to arrest and prosecute those who did use drugs. It was an innovative approach.

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A Johnson County sample ballot with endorsements for Tuesday

votingHere is a list of many of the most important, contested national, Kansas and county races that Johnson County voters will see on Tuesday. My endorsements are in bold.

(The sample ballot for Missouri, Jackson County and Kansas City can be found here.)

If you need more information on any of these contests, please click on this link taking you to the endorsements page for Yael on the Trail.

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