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Having fun on the trail in 2017.

Having fun on the trail in 2017.

A hearty welcome to my blog, “Yael on the Trail,” where I specialize in writing “Opinions from the Midwest.”

My quick background: I worked as an editorial writer for 32 years for The Kansas City Star until October 2016, mostly writing about local and national political issues. I’m a liberal on many social matters. (Don’t get me started on gun nuts.) But I also came out against several taxes on Nov. 8, and most lost.

I am retired but do still hope to post a new item daily.

Here is my comment policy. To keep out spam, it requires a person to be a registered user to comment.

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Thanks for coming — I hope to irritate, inform and please you in the future.

Yael T. Abouhalkah
Updated Jan. 17, 2017

PS. And many thanks to my daughter Emily for getting this website up and running.