Eric Greitens schooled by Sly James, then by critics on Twitter

Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens

With his smarmy smile firmly in place, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens loves to bash what he calls “career politicians” and the “liberal media.”

Call this his Trump-lite act, in (dis)honor of the president’s scurrilous attacks on lawmakers and the press.

But this week, Greitens has been correctly chastised by Kansas City Mayor Sly James for vetoing promised state funding for UMKC’s downtown arts campus.

And he’s been schooled by critics after taking to Twitter to whine about the media’s reporting on a costly, unneeded and still-ongoing special session on abortion-related legislation.

— When he vetoed the $48 million in state bonds in late June, Greitens slipped in an ignorant swipe against artists.

“This year, (politicians) passed a bill that would put taxpayers on the hook for over $75 million to build and run a conservatory for dancers and art students,” Greitens said on his Facebook account.

The veto and the slam of artists didn’t play well in Kansas City. Civic leaders bemoaned the short-sighted decision by Greitens not to match $48 million in private money for the campus.

Sly James

Sly James

James weighed in on his own city page Wednesday, with a piece titled “‘Dancers & Art Students’ Are A Proud Part of Kansas City’s Heritage.”

James wondered why Greitens tried to “create some political excuse” by slamming students who are “at the heart of what makes Kansas City a national hub for the arts.”

Then came the money quotes, figuratively and literally:

“In 2015, the arts added an astounding 7,515 jobs to our local economy. It also added $7.9 million in revenue to our local government and $10.9 million in revenue to the state government. I don’t hear the Governor saying he doesn’t want the revenue our arts community creates for the state.

“If the Governor thinks politicians are “addicted to spending taxpayer money” and cites the arts as a an example of the problem – – then may the taxpayers of Kansas City have that $10,900,000 back, please?”

UMKC and MU officials have said they will put  together some kind of plan to make up for the huge amount of lost state funding. But only days after that happened, Greitens cut millions of additional dollars in higher ed funding.

Good luck on getting that great downtown arts campus now.

— On Wednesday, Greitens put on his best Trump-lite face to say the “liberal media” were attacking conservatives in Missouri.

However, Greitens didn’t provide any evidence of something wrong printed or televised by the major newspapers or TV stations in Missouri. Instead, a story in Newsweek was slammed as being inaccurate, as were reports in a few other publications. And Newsweek corrected its reporting.

But the best part of Greitens’ temper tantrum came in the Twitter comments section.

People correctly pointed out that Greitens had caused some of the questionable coverage with his odd call for the special session.

Responses also hammered Greitens for his continued hiding of the dark money that put him in office, and his refusal to say who’s helping push his agenda in Missouri.

Some of the best:

And, finally, a very good point: