Listen up, Kevin Yoder. Your voters want you to support more Medicaid funding

yoderddInstead of holding a real town hall, U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder a week ago asked constituents to tell him what they thought about expanding Medicaid funding.

Yoder put his own ultra-conservative spin on the question. That’s not surprising, of course, because he voted for the U.S. House’s “repeal and replace Obamacare” bill in May.


On Wednesday, I reviewed the more than 1,570 responses received on Yoder’s Facebook post by late in the afternoon.

Yoder won’t like what voters — many from Johnson and Wyandotte counties — told him.

Just over 1,000 Facebook responses told him outright to “support” more Medicaid funding. Several offered scathing comments for what they called his “misleading” wording about a 20 percent increase in Medicaid funding.

Here’s a typical stretch of comments just from the last 24 hours:


In addition, support for Medicaid came from a few hundred other Facebook replies to Yoder’s question.

They often told the congressman to stop fooling around with repealing the Affordable Care Act and get on with finding better ways to pay for sufficient health care.


Finally, just over 75 Facebook replies told Yoder they “opposed” the Medicaid funding increase. In addition, some stated other reasons for opposing expanded Medicaid funding.

yoder 6

yoder 7

So if Yoder wants to follow the wishes of his Facebook friends, he should back the needed expansion of Medicaid funding for Americans.

How about it, Kevin? Are you going to listen to what “Yoder voters” told you?



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