The sun is finally shining in Kansas! Legislature kills Brownback’s failed tax cuts

sunf Gov. Sam Brownback’s destructive income tax cuts are finally dead after the Kansas Legislature correctly pulled the plug on them Tuesday night.

To paraphrase part of Brownback’s slogan from his 2014 re-election campaign, “The sun really is shining in Kansas.”

This is stunning national news, led by the fact that a Republican-controlled Legislature murdered the tax reductions.

Kansas has been one of the few states to try to use large tax cuts and the trickle-down philosophy to boost its financial fortunes in recent years.

Attention Donald Trump and all other tax-cut sycophants across America: Stop trying to fool people into thinking that kind of policy is anything more than a giveaway to already rich taxpayers.

On Tuesday, lawmakers in the Senate and then the House overrode Brownback’s veto of the badly needed tax increases included in a new bill.

The measure fortunately also eliminates the unfair tax exemptions for owners of 330,000 LLCs.

The $1.2 billion will help the state balance its budget the next two years. It also will assist in financing a formula meant to satisfy the Kansas Supreme Court’s order to better fund K-12 schools.

Brownback’s pledge in 2012 that his income tax cuts would lead to huge increases in jobs — fueled by business owners with more money in their pockets — turned out to be wrong. Instead, many owners simply kept the money they got through lower taxes in their own pockets.

In Kansas, the “shot of adrenaline” that Brownback promised never arrived.

Instead, the state had to divert billions of dollars in road funding, slice higher ed money, cut social services, reduce support for public pensions and fall behind on previous pledges to improve funding of K-12 schools.

The result was a budget always out of balance which helped make Kansas into a national laughingstock.

So killing the tax reductions made the best possible sense.

Kudos to the Legislature for what it accomplished Tuesday night.

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22 Thoughts.

  1. Now is the time to say that some legislators did the right thing, the grown-up thing, in changing their positions from supporting the Brownback cuts to repealing them. Some surely just followed the political winds. But I’m confident that others admitted to themselves the awful damage that has been done to Kansas and that the Brownback cuts were wrong, and decided that they had to change their positions for the good of Kansas. To THOSE legislators I give my real respect, appreciation, and thanks.

    And I’m not gloating. I’ve always thought that this “trickle-down” idiocy was nothing better than a smokescreen for handing money to wealthy people (why not “trickle-up”?). This has been a wake-up call for well-meaning legislators who drank that Kool-Aid. All well and good. But I’m surely mistaken in judgments of my own on some big issues. To you legislators and others who have admitted to yourselves that these Brownback cuts you supported were wrong, and have done the right thing by switching positions, I commit to work hard at being just as open to learning of mistakes in my views, admitting them, and changing my positions.

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