On health care, Blunt thinks Missourians are fools while Moran deceives Kansans

Roy Blunt

Roy Blunt

Jerry Moran

Jerry Moran

Senate Republicans released their overhaul of U.S. health care this week, prompting scathing denouncements from Democrats.

But GOP Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas was straightforward about his “yes” stance: “I mean we have been talking about it now for what, eight years? But again, we can’t delay. I mean, delay is higher co-pays and higher premiums and insurance companies, you know, leaving areas they serve.”

Sen. Roy Blunt in Missouri played Missourians for fools with his statement:

That’s right: Blunt describes a bill that could reduce Medicaid payments by $1 trillion over the next 10 years as something that “strengthens Medicaid.”

Blunt also votes with Trump’s policies 97.7 percent of the time, which is not good news for opponents of the health care bill.

Meanwhile, Jerry Moran of Kansas was jerking the chain of voters with his comments.

This is just a silly comment.

Who’s going to decide whether the bill “isn’t good for Kansas”?

How about David Jordan, executive director of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas? He said in part on Thursday, “The  Senate version of the  American Health  Care Act is bad for all Kansans but it is especially bad for rural Kansas, children, people with disabilities and seniors.”

Ah, Moran probably won’t listen to Jordan or his group.

Instead, judging by Moran’s 97.6 percent rating of voting for Trump’s policies, he will support the Senate version of the measure when push comes to shove.

UPDATED SATURDAY: The New York Times released a senator-by-senator list of expected votes. Blunt and Roberts were in the “yes” category while Moran was “unclear” because of his misleading “isn’t good for Kansas” comment.

Moran also was the guy urging everyone to calm down after the House narrowly passed its version of health care overhaul in May. He said the Senate would “start from scratch” in writing its bill and “everybody ought to be at the table.”

None of that came true. The Senate copied lots of the House’s points and Democrats were totally excluded from the process.

In the end, Moran lamentably will choose Republican Party politics over the wellness of Kansans.

But hey, if Moran wants to prove that prediction wrong, I’d love for him do it. Just don’t expect it to happen.

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  1. It’s painfully obvious that the GOP and all those state and local Republican Politicos are just following close behind DT. There is little, if anything believable about anything they do or say. Thanks for posting this. It’s one more example of why I don’t vote republican. I have reservations, of course about voting straight DNC as well, but at least in my experience, the GOP has no equal in the stupid and evil category.

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