Judge slams sleazy Kris Kobach for ‘patently misleading court’

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach on Friday looked less like a reputable candidate for Kansas governor and more like an elected official with a soon-to-expire date.

Check out the exact words a federal judge used in fining Kobach $1,000 as part of a court case regarding voters’ rights in the Sunflower State.

The fine is another embarrassing drag on Kobach’s credibility as gubernatorial timber in 2018.

Politico reported that Judge James O’Hara said “Kobach and his legal team ‘made patently misleading representations to the court’ about the memo Kobach was photographed taking into a Nov. 20 meeting with (Donald) Trump as well as another document proposing changes to the National Voter Registration Act, better known as the motor-voter law.

“‘The court agrees that defendant’s deceptive conduct and lack of candor warrant the imposition of sanctions,’ the magistrate wrote in his 24-page decision.

The Los Angeles Times added: “The judge wrote that while the court could not say that Kobach ‘flat-out lied,’ the ‘defendant’s statements can be construed as wordplay meant to present a materially inaccurate picture of the documents.'”

Kobach is the cocky guy who thinks he’s such a great lawyer that he should be allowed to pursue people who try to illegally vote in Kansas. Trouble is, the Republican secretary of state has successfully prosecuted about 10 people in two years with that power. He’s been a big fraud on voter fraud.

Kobach also is the vice chairman of a sham group recently appointed by Trump to look into alleged voter fraud in the United States. Trump and Kobach have spread the despicable lie that millions of people voted illegally in 2016 — without producing a shred of evidence for the claim.

The judgment Friday was yet another victory for the American Civil Liberties Union in its longstanding battle with Kobach over the state’s overly restrictive voting laws. The ACLU has been fighting to make sure people qualified to vote actually get to do so; Kobach has tried to suppress the vote at several junctures.

As Kobach’s boosters point out, in a recent poll he had the highest name recognition of a large number of Kansas political figures. He certainly is the leading candidate at this point.

But he also had the lowest score on a satisfaction level. Paul Davis, the 2016 Democratic gubernatorial nominee, was highest at 6.11. Kobach’s score was 4.03.


The court fine imposed Friday should help drive down trust in Kobach even more.

While Kobach must be taken seriously, his constant failures in court and on voter fraud deserve lots of attention.

Voters want an honest person to serve in Topeka as governor, not someone who will mislead the public.

Fortunately, the legal system is trying its best to hold Kobach accountable for his shameful behavior.