Hmm, just a few problems with that Olathe Republicans’ multi-colored ad

gopA promotion for the Olathe Republican Party’s Faith & Freedom Picnic this weekend stirred plenty of pithy comments Thursday.

Some people saw it as taking a shot at Black Lives Matter with its tagline of “Olathe Lives Matter!”

Others saw an attack on the LGBTQ community with the use of the multi-colored lettering.

The ad turned out to have a few other problems.

First, the “keynote speaker” — U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran — reportedly will not attend the picnic.

Second, some of the other “Special Invited Guests” might also be no-shows.

Here’s how it played out on social media over a few hours Thursday afternoon, revealing that plenty of people are paying attention to these kinds of local political events.

Kansas Democratic Sen. Laura Kelly of Topeka weighed in:

Lowry, the lead political reporter for The Kansas City Star, reported in subsequent  tweets:

“So Moran will not actually be attending that Olathe picnic. He’s got events in Manhattan that day, according to his office.”

“Kobach will be there though.”

“Yoder is also not going be there. He’ll have some staffers there.”

And, finally, a positive comment about the ad. Well, at least it appears to be positive, right?

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