Charlatan Kris Kobach kicks off a vile bid for Kansas governor

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach

Fueled by hatred for people who don’t look like him and scorn for other lawmakers, Kris Kobach said Thursday he wants to be the next governor of Kansas.

Channeling xenophobic thoughts, Kobach lashed out against “illegal aliens” in his press conference in Johnson County. Without offering any kind of compelling proof, he absurdly claimed the state could solve some of its budget problems — which weigh in at hundreds of millions of dollars a year — by getting tougher on illegal immigration.

He also criticized what he called the supposedly corrupt culture in Topeka — where he’s served in a taxpayer-funded role as secretary of state since 2011.

Pity the poor Kansans who are going to have to listen to Kobach’s tripe for so many months before the primary and (presuming he makes it that far) general elections in 2018.

Rep. John Carmichael, a Wichita Democrat, got it exactly right Thursday when he said Kobach was running “on a platform of hate.”

Kobach will be trotting out his completely untrue claims that voter fraud is widespread in Kansas and the nation. He’s going to continue to support voter suppression tactics as often as he can.

This guy is going to appeal to people who think Kansas’ worst days are ahead of it unless they elect him to champion the view that white people can solve the state’s problems.

(Here are lengthy stories from The Kansas City Star and The Wichita Eagle on what Kobach — and his many critics — said Thursday.)

Does Kobach even have an honest bone in his body?

He mimicked one of his heroes, Donald Trump, in decrying the “illegal aliens.” And his swipe at other elected officials was straight out of the playbook of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, who has claimed he was going to clean up the ethics mess in Jefferson City. In reality, Greitens has ended up making it much, much worse by bathing himself in dark money from unknown contributors.

Kobach wants to replace fellow Republican Sam Brownback as governor. And yet consider this point:

Earlier this week, Brownback suffered the biggest and most deserved defeat of his political career. The Legislature rolled back the destructive income tax cuts he had approved in 2012, which slashed revenues for schools, roads, pensions and social services.

The passage of badly needed higher income taxes was a victory for moderate Republicans, Democrats and — especially — most Kansans who want high quality public services in the future.

Yet along came Kobach on Thursday, spouting the same kind of nonsense that Brownback had supported for years, that low taxes are great and that taxes are tantamount to stealing.

What a political oaf Kobach is.

Kansas Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley wasn’t impressed by Kobach’s clumsy attack on other politicians, either.

Let’s hope a legitimate Republican contender comes along and GOP voters reject Kobach in the 2018 primary.

If not, then Kansas voters in the fall general election will have to provide the leadership needed to make sure this charlatan does not take power in Topeka.