Boom! Kris Kobach’s bogus voter fraud panel blows up in his face

krisKansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on Friday became an even bigger national laughingstock as his latest voter suppression effort continued to explode in his face.

Kobach is co-leader of a commission appointed by Donald Trump to look into the bogus idea that millions of people are voting illegally.

Its real purpose is to continue the Kobach/Trump goal of making it more difficult in even more states for Democratic-leaning Americans to vote.

A letter from Kobach released Thursday shows he wants 50 states to fork over personal voter information to the panel. It includes names, addresses, dates of birth, last four digits of Social Security numbers, political parties, history of voting in elections and other data.

On Thursday and Friday, sane thinking elected officials in states representing tens of millions of voters were saying “hell no” to this request, or said they would provide less information than demanded.

UPDATED 4 p.m. Friday: Kobach exposed himself to more national ridicule when this happened:

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to trust Kobach on this issue. He was fined $1,000 just last week for “patently misleading” a judge about his involvement in a crucial case about voters’ rights.

In addition, a number of analysts quickly spotted problems with the information Kobach had demanded.

Let’s face it. The presidential commission on voting has no credibility inside either party.

Republicans fully expect it to show wide-scale fraud; Democrats know it’s a puppet show by Trump and Kobach.

The panel should die a quick death before Kobach gets his hands on sensitive voting data from millions of Americans.

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