Voter suppression king Kris Kobach now an even more dangerous fraud

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach

Unfortunately, Kris Kobach will help lead the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity announced Thursday by Donald Trump.

The Republican Kansas secretary of state has been a complete, dangerous, costly fraud on this issue for many months, as has Trump.

Kobach will enter this job with his mind completely made up, looking for any way to undermine the American voting process and make it more difficult for people to enter the ballot box.

Any initiatives he comes up with will be aimed at preventing poor people and minorities from voting, all to help his political party.

UPDATED 8:45 p.m. Thursday:

Kobach’s retort?

“The commission does not begin with foregone conclusions,” he told The Kansas City Star’s Bryan Lowry. “All members of the commission are approaching it with an open mind. … The objective is to go where the facts lead us.”

Sorry, but Kobach has zero credibility to make this asinine claim, based on every action he has taken and word he has spoken over the years about voting.

Here are three examples that illustrate the problem of putting Kobach in this position:

— He has backed up Trump’s completely unfounded charge that several million people voted illegally in the 2016 election, depriving Trump of the popular vote victory he craved over Hillary Clinton.

Kobach has provided not one speck of compelling proof that this occurred, despite having months to do so and despite continuing to make this baseless charge. Fact-checking organizations have pointed out flaws in every single claim Kobach has made to try to back up what he said.

— Kobach said in February that thousands of people had voted illegally in New Hampshire in 2016.

“We will know at the end of the month what percentage of those 6,000 are cases of people who do not actually reside in New Hampshire,” he said.

As I reported after that: “Of course, Feb. 28 came and went and Kobach has provided no evidence of such cheating. Meanwhile, The Washington Post used something called facts and figures to essentially prove nothing amiss happened in New Hampshire last fall.”

Again, Kobach had made a baseless accusation that he failed to back up with any kind of data.

— For the last few years, Kobach has told Kansans that he’s going to find hundreds upon hundreds of illegal votes cast in the Sunflower State.

He has successfully prosecuted less than a dozen at last report, at a cost of time and money to taxpayers that far dwarfs what he has accomplished.

And only one had been a non-citizen at the time he voted, completely destroying the narrative that Kobach likes to spew, that “aliens” are stealing the voting rights of real Americans.

Another reminder: Kobach just this week was slapped down in a separate, voting-related case, in which the American Civil Liberties Union is battling his voter-suppression law in Kansas.

Kris Kobach has been and remains a huge fraud on voter fraud.