Kansas archbishop kisses Girl Scouts – and their cookies – goodbye

Joseph Naumann

Joseph Naumann

On Monday, the long-simmering feud between Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kan., and the Girls Scouts ended.

The Girl Scouts and common sense lost.

Naumann decreed in a Facebook post that Girl Scouts troops after the next few years won’t be hosted in any parishes.arch2

Also, Girl Scouts cookie sales in Catholic schools or on parish property have been killed. Yikes.

The decisions predictably have upset some local Girl Scouts supporters, as The Kansas City Star reported, but also pleased others.

Naumann’s move will appeal to the older generation of Catholics who want life to return to the way things used to be, you know, in the uncomplicated 1950s version of America.

Of course, things never were that simple. And the Girl Scouts program for decades has prepared young girls for modern America.

Still, this is a move Naumann and his ilk have the perfect right to make as religious leaders.

They want to portray Girl Scouts of the USA as a practically God-less institution that teaches young girls about sex and how it’s OK to donate to Planned Parenthood.

Girl Scouts leaders push back on all those fronts, which includes pointing out that their oath includes the word “God.”

However, in a sop to political correctness in the eyes of some Catholics, girls don’t have to say the word “God” if they don’t want to.



Meanwhile, pushing Catholic girls to join American Heritage Girls will work in part because of peer and parental pressure in churches.

American Heritage Girls includes the words “Christian values” and “family involvement” in its basic mission statement.¬†Good for that group.

Still, killing Girl Scouts gatherings — and cookie sales — in local parishes makes Naumann and his supporters look rather petty.