Cheer up, Kris Kobach. Here’s a $300 bet you might win on Trump travel ban

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has lost — again — in court. But cheer up, Kris: Here’s a $300 bet you just might win in the future.

On Wednesday, a U.S. district judge ordered Kobach to hand over documents — which he carried into a meeting with Donald Trump last November — to the American Civil Liberties Union by Friday. The group has filed a voting rights lawsuit against Kobach. The Kansas Republican has desperately tried to keep the ACLU from finding out what’s in the documents.

Back to the bet.

Just over two weeks ago, Kobach talked about another court case, the one in which Trump’s supporters are trying to prove that his executive orders on immigration travel bans — commonly known as Muslim bans — are legal.

In a debate, Kobach said, “… as someone who litigates in the field of immigration law, I guarantee, and I will bet whatever amount of money you want, that when the appeals are done, the travel ban that is currently being litigated will be upheld in court. I guarantee it.”

A few days later, I dared Kobach to put up $100 to back up his statement. Last week, the bet got moved to $200.

Today, I’m upping the wager to $300.

A check for that amount will go to the nonprofit of Kobach’s choice if a final court ruling upholds one of Trump’s executive orders on immigration travel.

Same rules as before: If Kobach accepts the bet but the travel ban eventually loses in court, his $300 contribution would be split between Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Kobach got some decent news this week when a hearing was held on Trump’s revised travel ban. In a federal appeals court in Virginia, some judges appeared ready to side with Trump’s viewpoints, though others weren’t so sure. Eventually, experts say the case could win up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

I’m trying to take Kobach at his word, that he’s willing to bet “whatever amount of money you want” on his viewpoint about this case.

If Kobach takes on this challenge through Twitter, though, someone will need to tell me. When I looked at his personal account the other day, here’s what it said:


Poor Kobach. He’s a baby on Twitter.

But I’m still willing to put my money where my mouth is on this issue. Kobach should, too.