Kris Kobach’s wimpy ‘war’ on voter fraud stumbles on


Kris Kobach

What a loser: It took Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach 22 long months to obtain his first conviction of a non-citizen for voting illegally.

Kobach puffed up with unjustified pride Wednesday about the latest “milestone” in his lame attempts to find people guilty of voter fraud since the Kansas Legislature and Gov. Sam Brownback gave him that power in June 2015.

He’s the only secretary of state in the nation with that authority, which he promised on Twitter to talk about on a conspiracy-friendly Thursday morning TV show.

UPDATED 8:45 a.m. Thursday: Kobach told “Fox and Friends” in a mercifully short interview that “illegal aliens” were killing taxpayers by taking their jobs; that the one conviction was the “tip of the iceberg”; that he knew of at least 24 other possible cases like this one but he could not prosecute them because the statute of limitations had run out; and that illegal voting was “always a problem.”

In other words, typical babble with no proof presented by the secretary of state.

Meanwhile, a far-right pundit parachuted in to give Kobach an attaboy for punishing Victor Garcia Bebek —  the person who had illegally voted three times without being a U.S. citizen several years ago.

Kobach is giddy about this conviction largely because it combines his two loves: cracking down on people he calls “aliens” and voter fraud.

By the way, Bebek became a U.S. citizen earlier this year, which led to election officials finding out that he had once voted illegally.

What a way to welcome a new American.

Kobach also has secured a grand total of seven other convictions of people for double-voting since June 2015.

This is a pitifully small total given the promises Kobach has made in the past. Here’s an excerpt from a Wichita Eagle news article almost two years ago.


In recent months, Kobach has made insanely wild claims about illegal voting, especially about how “millions of people” did just that in the 2016 presidential election. But he has not provided one piece of credible evidence to support this assertion, which has been debunked.

When a Donald Trump associate on Feb. 12 praised Kobach as a leading expert on voter fraud, a gleeful Kobach immediately appeared the next day on three television shows to express his views. It did not go well when Kobach was confronted on CNN by interview Kate Bolduan.

A humiliated Kobach whined about how he was treated in that appearance. But he also then went underground for the next two months, hardly making a peep about the subject he was supposed to be such an expert on.

Kobach re-emerged Wednesday with his first conviction of a non-citizen. Too bad the secretary of state isn’t paying enough attention to a more important part of his job: finding ways to get lots more people to participate in our democracy by voting.