Eric Greitens looks buff, but he’s a 97-pound weakling on ethics

Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens loves to show off his rippling muscles on social media. Just look at him in recent SWAT team training.

Alas, Missourians also elected a neophyte Republican politician with low ethical behavior, one who will evade the public seeking the truth from him as often as possible.

On Friday, the mostly toothless and useless Missouri Ethics Commission fined Greitens for violating campaign ethics laws.

He had failed to disclose that his campaign had somehow obtained a donor list from his big nonprofit, The Mission Continues, to help him raise money to win the governor’s seat.

Greitens’ direct quote from last year: “No, we were not working off of a Mission Continues donor list.”

What a coincidence: “Financial records analyzed by The Associated Press show Greitens has received nearly $2 million from donors who previously gave significant amounts to The Mission Continues — an overlap that was especially beneficial during the crucial startup of his campaign.”

Under the agreement with the Missouri Ethics Commission, Greitens likely will pay a puny $100 fine for not telling the truth about this issue for months.

Meanwhile, Greitens still hides the sources of millions of dollars in dark money to his campaign and to the group he’s using to push his agenda, A New Missouri.

Oh, and remember the sham behind A New Missouri: Greitens doesn’t have day-to-day control of the group that’s built 100 percent on his name and will promote his views in Jefferson City. Wink, wink.

Here’s the apology offered for the new violation of ethics by the former Navy SEAL, self-proclaimed stand-up governor:

Zipped lips.

That’s right. The guy who claims he’s a big supporter of high ethical behavior, who wants to talk “directly to the people” through social media, has gone silent for the moment on becoming the second governor in recent history to be found guilty of an ethical violation.

But at least Greitens gets in good shape while running from the public and the media, right?