KC area was ‘Clinton Country’ in 2016 so stop shoving Trump down our throats

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Ah, Donald Trump supporters. What are we going to do about your clueless argument to “give him a chance” to govern America?

And what’s up with people in the Kansas City area who claim Trump has earned this shot because he was very popular in Kansas and Missouri?

Fact is, Hillary Clinton out-polled Trump in the region’s six major counties. That’s right: This was “Clinton Country” last fall, with 409,055 votes for her and 385,866 for him.

Trump did win the two states’ electoral votes. But it’s extremely important to remember that the people of the Kansas City area live in purple country, not deep-red parts of the two states.

— Clinton swamped Trump 97,735 to 24,654 in the Kansas City Election Board area. Voters in downtown, midtown, the Plaza and Brookside neighborhoods, and much of the East Side heavily backed Clinton.

— Clinton destroyed Trump in Wyandotte County, 30,146 to 15,806.

— Trump edged Clinton in populous and affluent Johnson County, 137,490 to 129,852.

— Trump also won in Jackson County (outside the KC Election Board area) and in Clay and Platte counties. The totals were 91,557 to 71,237 in Jackson County, 57,328 to 45,182 in Clay County, and 25,933 to 20,057 in Platte County.

— Only in very red Cass County did Trump thump Clinton, 33,098 to 14,846.

It’s simply tiresome seeing people on Facebook, Twitter and in parts of the media claiming Trump is a huge winner and those who oppose him are sore losers and should get over it. In the Kansas City area, I’m especially calling foul on that argument.

Which brings up the second point: There’s already abundant evidence to justify the argument that Trump’s actual policies are abhorrent and destructive when it comes to America’s future.

He is putting in place top Cabinet officials and others who are all-too-dedicated — with the help of a GOP-controlled Congress — to pursue actions that will damage the environment, trample on consumer protection laws, reduce health care coverage, endanger immigrants and increase instability among allies around the world.

Americans of all colors and economic classes will be damaged by Trump’s policies.

Fine, Trump read a mundane speech from a teleprompter before Congress last week and got a ridiculous amount of praise for doing so. Yet mere days later he unleashed still-unverified attacks against former President Barack Obama and looked like a madman again.

It’s laughable to argue that Americans should give Trump a chance to be president. It’s already abundantly clear he sucks at the job.

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  1. This is good to know as I was so disappointed when I thought that all the people in MO voted for this A-hole, there are some voters with common sense.

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