Sam Brownback + Planned Parenthood = ‘stunned and disappointed’ Kansans

Sam Brownback

Sam Brownback

UPDATED noon Thursday: Gov. Sam Brownback has heartlessly vetoed the Kansas Legislature’s expansion of Medicaid, which would prevent 150,000 Kansans from getting access to better health care.

House members are going to try  to override the veto later Thursday, but that’s very iffy. It needs to grow from 81 votes originally to 84 for  the override, which would then have to go to the Senate, which also passed expansion without a veto-proof majority.

Part of the subtext of the Medicaid debate is Brownback’s hatred for Planned Parenthood. The group gets some Medicaid money, which can’t be spent on abortion per federal law.

But Brownback acts like a weasel in ignoring that fact, as he did in a tweet Thursday.

On Monday, Brownback issued this tweet when the Senate initially passed the Medicaid bill, which kept funding for Planned Parenthood in it.

That led to an outpouring of more than 100 responses. Here are some of the sharp and proper jabs at the governor’s thought process.