Kris Kobach’s reputation now an even bigger dumpster fire

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach

Embattled Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach always offers an absurd quote when he’s involved in questionable activities, which unfortunately is quite often.

And so it was Tuesday, after yet another finding that Kobach’s voter-suppression tactics aren’t good for the people of Kansas.

“The advisory committee report is not worth the paper that it was written on,” he said of the information written by the Kansas Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

No wonder Kobach was upset. The report’s findings were stinging.

“The number of eligible voters turned away from the polls in Kansas due to lack of required identification or failure to provide documentary proof of citizenship may far exceed the number of documented cases of voter fraud,” the report said.

“Testimony indicated the SAFE Act may disparately impact voters on the basis of age, sex, disability, race, income level and affiliation,” it added, referring to the Kobach-promoted Secure and Fair Elections law.

Ah, Kobach’s silly “not worth the paper” quotation brings back memories.

— Kobach proclaimed in late January that President Trump’s executive order on immigration was on “rock-solid legal footing.”

Oops. Courts quickly overturned the order.

— Kobach days earlier had crowed that he had advised Trump “on the issue of voter fraud in multiple forms.”

Uh-oh: This claim came after Trump, without any evidence at all, said “millions of people” had voted illegally in the 2016 elections.

— “The ACLU’s argument was weak at best,” Kobach said last September, whining about the group’s attempts to help thousands of Kansans vote in November.

Alas, this was right after Kobach had capitulated to the ACLU when a court had threatened to hold Kobach in contempt on the issue.

At least Tuesday’s events showed that Kobach had not fallen off the face of the earth after he was destroyed last month on national TV by CNN anchor Kate Bolduan. Brought on the show after being singled out by the Trump administration as an “expert” on voter fraud, Kobach stumbled all over the place and couldn’t come up with any facts to prove his case.

As I wrote two weeks ago, Kobach had pretty much disappeared from the local and national scene since the Bolduan beat-down.

Given his unproven claims of voter fraud — and his frequent losses in court to uphold overly strict Kansas laws — the secretary of state isn’t any kind of “expert” on this matter.

But true to form, Kobach will keep trying to draw attention to himself, even as his reputation becomes an even bigger dumpster fire.