Humiliated Kris Kobach has gone MIA on his voter fraud witch-hunt

CNN's Kate Bolduan roasts Kris Kobach on Feb. 13.

CNN’s Kate Bolduan roasts Kris Kobach on Feb. 13.

Ever since he was humiliated on national TV in mid-February, Kris Kobach has been missing in action from the voter fraud witch-hunt trail he loves so much.

This is a good thing, though likely just temporary. The Kansas secretary of state has made a national name for himself — and become a Trump surrogate on this issue — while being utterly incapable of finding real voter fraud in Kansas or other states.

Most recently, Kobach said he thought thousands of Massachusetts residents had crossed over to vote illegally in New Hampshire on Nov. 8. Kobach insisted, “We will know at the end of the month what percentage of those 6,000 are cases of people who do not actually reside in New Hampshire.”

Of course, Feb. 28 came and went and Kobach has provided no evidence of such cheating. Meanwhile, The Washington Post used something called facts and figures to essentially prove nothing amiss happened in New Hampshire last fall.

So why has Kobach gone so silent?

I blame Trump adviser Stephen Miller and CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

On Feb. 12, Miller told ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos that millions of people had voted illegally on Nov. 8, parroting a Trump lie from after the presidential election. Miller then said Kobach had “looked deeply” into the issue and had “confirmed it to be true…. And I suggest you invite Kris Kobach onto your show and he can walk you through some of the evidence of voter fraud.”

On Feb. 13, a beaming Kobach showed up on three shows, getting a pass on a Fox News interview but grilled on the second and, finally, skewered by Bolduan on CNN. (Here’s the eight-minute clip, well worth watching.)

One example from the tape: “‘Where is the evidence of this widespread rampant millions of people voting?’ Bolduan asked again. ‘If it had happened, why haven’t we seen it, secretary?’ When Kobach said in his state six people have plead guilty for voting in two states, Bolduan shot back, ‘Six cases does not rampant widespread voter fraud make.’”

A sampling of headlines from that day:  “CNN’s Kate Bolduan Shuts Down Trump’s Voter Fraud Expert Kris Kobach;” “CNN host hands Trump adviser his ass” and “‘Do You Have the Evidence?’: CNN Anchor Battles Kris Kobach Over Trump’s Voter Fraud Claim.”

Of course, Kobach has never let facts stand in the way of making unsubstantiated assertions that something major is amiss in voting in America. So expect him to return to the national stage, sooner or later.

I just hope CNN’s Kate Bolduan gets the chance to embarrass Kobach again.