Your anti-football Super Bowl reading list, 2017 edition

footballEven some big fans of football are put off by all the pomp and circumstance of the Super Bowl.

Just let them play the damn game!

But it’s also true that football haters like myself are in a stronger position than ever as media attention increases on all of the sport’s problems.

So while millions get ready to pig out, drink up and tune in as this year’s version unfolds on Sunday (and many millions more like myself totally avoid it all), here’s your anti-football Super Bowl reading list for 2017.

I kept it short, but sadly there’s a whole lot more out there (Google “domestic violence” and “football”).


40 percent of former NFL players suffer from brain injuries, new study shows

New: 87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for Brain Disease

Signs of brain injuries in young NFL players adds to evidence linking concussions, CTE

Supreme Court leaves $1B NFL concussion settlement in place

Youth football

Concussion expert says extent of brain damage in youth football players ‘took my breath away’

New Pop Warner Lawsuit  raises hard questions about the future of youth tackle football

Falling TV viewership

How Superstar Economics Is Killing the NFL’s Ratings

Players’ financial woes

5 Reasons Why 80% Of Retired NFL Players Go Broke

Oh, yeah, I know: Many of the Super Bowl ads are great.

But guess what? You can watch many of them right now and all of them by late Sunday — without having to wade through a four-hour football game.