Kris Kobach whines after CNN anchor destroys his bogus voter fraud claims

C4kJHvsVcAQmVQWKris Kobach got embarrassed on national TV Monday morning. It was fun to watch — unless you’re a Kansan paying him to do his job as secretary of state.

Kobach went on CNN to talk about his long-standing, never-proven claims that people are voting fraudently in the United States. The appearance came a day after Trump aide Stephen Miller made similar declarations, and singled out Kobach as an “expert” on voter fraud.

More like a charlatan, as CNN anchor Kate Bolduan quickly determined.

My favorite exchange from the Daily Beast story: “Where is the evidence of this widespread rampant millions of people voting?” Bolduan asked again. “If it had happened, why haven’t we seen it, secretary?” When Kobach said in his state six people have plead guilty for voting in two states, Bolduan shot back, “Six cases does not rampant widespread voter fraud make.”

I checked out other statements made by Kobach, as in his declaration that New Hampshire had had massive voting fraud. The truth? Here’s a key excerpt from a New Hampshire Union-Leader story from Nov. 28:

“Senior Deputy Secretary of State David M. Scanlan, head of the Election Division, said he saw no signs of widespread fraud on Election Day, and challenged Trump to produce evidence to support his claim.  “There’s no indication of anything that widespread taking place in New Hampshire,” he said. “If he has evidence he should pass it along so we can act on it.”

Of course, that’s never happened in the almost  three months since then.

After his CNN beatdown was over, poor Kobach went on Twitter to whine.

CNN’s Brian Stelter then said the chryon actually referenced Miller, not Kobach.

As other stories about Monday’s CNN appearance noted, Kobach never provided any proof of his claims. He continued to say more would be available in a couple of months.

Fortunately, more people are getting wise to Kobach’s efforts to undermine voting rights in Kansas and to spread his warped views across the United States. Check out some of the best, early responses to Kobach’s crybaby act on Twitter.

And — ouch.