In stunning move, Kansas Senate must override Brownback’s tax veto today


This could be a stunningly great day in the Sunflower State.

It’s up to Kansas senators now. They need to do the right thing on Wednesday afternoon, follow the lead of the House and override Gov. Sam Brownback’s reckless veto of needed income tax changes.

This would be a stunning, historic and proud day for the Sunflower State.

Most notably, it would be exactly what many voters supported in last fall’s elections when they sent additional moderate Republicans and Democrats to Topeka. They wanted elected officials to end the unfair exemptions for owners of LLCs and find a reasonable way to better fund high quality public services.

Kansans know it’s time to clean up the irresponsible mess created by Brownback and the Legislature in 2012. They approved deep income tax cuts that have bled billions in revenue from the state.¬†Those cuts have helped¬†create deficits approaching $1 billion over the next 16 months or so.

The House and Senate last week approved a bill to end the LLC exemptions and boost income taxes on middle- and upper-income Kansans. Here are more details.

Brownback vetoed that measure Wednesday morning. However, it should have been evident to anyone watching his message that he will continue his pathetic leadership of efforts to resolve Kansas’ fiscal mess.

His only major solutions are to borrow more money and divert funds from better roads, pensions and children’s programs.

He offered no realistic ideas to the Legislature to end the debacle in Kansas. He called for “efficiencies” and “spending cuts.” Give me a break. He and the ultra-conservative, GOP-controlled Legislature had four years to do all that from 2013 through 2016. They failed miserably.

The House needed 84 votes Wednesday to override Brownback; it got 85, up from 76 votes last Thursday.

The Senate mustered 22 votes to approve the tax hikes last week. It will take 27 members to override the veto on Wednesday afternoon. Here are the “nays” from last week:


Democrat Tom Holland said Tuesday night he’s on board with the override.

Now, four more brave senators need to stand up to Brownback’s ruinous leadership of Kansas and help put the state back on the path to fiscal sanity.