Donald Trump, America’s dangerous Commander in Hate

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

With every tweet and speech, it becomes more obvious that Donald Trump hates so much about America.

Immigrants. Muslims. The news media. U.S. intelligence agencies. The Affordable Care Act. Democrats and “liberal activists” (also known as Americans who don’t agree with him). The entertainment industry. And, yes, the facts.

Trump is not behaving like America’s Commander in Chief. He’s become a dangerous Commander in Hate.

That hate is having horrible consequences in many different ways, consequences that will multiply the more Trump spits his contempt for so much about this country.

The Heartland got a taste of what his enabling of hate speech can do, when a man reportedly yelled “Get out of my country,” then shot and killed an Indian while wounding another Indian and a bystander Thursday night in Olathe.

Now legitimate concerns are being raised about how events like this will affect tourism and, more importantly, our nation’s ability to woo the world’s best and brightest to work here.

Read this powerful thread on Twitter. It clearly describes how appealing to the basest instincts of troubled people can lead to violence.

Trump has no intention of  trying to bring this country together again to fight common enemies. He is sinking lower into the swamp, trying to make sure he can keep his legion of true believers behind him. That means appealing to lower-educated people, or those without white-collar jobs, or those who think Democrats are devils.

By keeping people whipped up in anger — toward immigrants “who are stealing jobs” or the media “that are spreading fake news” — Trump hopes to divide the country as much as possible. He knows well that people will spew hatred back at him, as will predictably happen in Sunday night’s Oscars ceremonies.

Trump revels in this kind of toxic stew. After all, it helped him win the presidential election.

For all of his bluster about caring for ordinary Americans, Trump isn’t doing anything of consequence to really create more high-quality jobs.  For all his rhetoric about the plight of urban-core cities, he offers nothing but empty-headed tweets.

Many Americans hope that the grownups in the Republican-controlled Congress eventually will come to the country’s rescue and rein in Trump’s worst proposals.

However, given how so many Senate and House members have kowtowed to Trump’s wishes in the past few months, that wish is not close to being fulfilled.


10 Thoughts.

  1. Regarding “all of his bluster about caring for ordinary Americans,” it has long been obvious that Trump disdains ordinary Americans. This is from a 2014 interview subsequently published by the New York Times:

    “For the most part,” Trump said in a separate exchange, “you can’t respect people because most people aren’t worthy of respect.”

  2. Grover Norquist said that all the wrong wing needed was a president who was able to sign his name and get out of the way…..and that’s what they have. So sad for America…

  3. Hi Yael — I love what you’re doing here. Some smart, talented friends of mine and I are starting up a new investigative outlet in KC. Would love to get coffee with you to discuss. DM me on Twitter @jasonfharper.

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