10 best Brownback-bashing zingers from ‘wow’ week on Kansas taxes

Sen. Barbara Bollier

Sen. Barbara Bollier

Wow, that was quite a week in Kansas. The Legislature almost killed Gov. Sam Brownback’s destructive income tax cuts. More bids are ahead to do so, thankfully.

One of the best parts of the week arrived in Brownback-bashing quotes that emerged from the lips of lawmakers and others  tired of dealing with his ruinous economic policies.

Here are some of the best from local and national stories. Take note: Most came from fellow Republicans.

Sen. Barbara Bollier, Republican: “What we’re having is a standoff with the governor holding on to the old days where he had all these people elected. They aren’t there anymore, and he can’t let go and follow the will of the people.” As for Brownback’s legacy, Bollier said: “It’s going down in flames.”

Sen. Dinah Sykes, Republican: “He’s in his own little group and bubble and not listening to Kansans.”

Rep. Stephanie Clayton, Republican: “He is out of touch with the people of Kansas. The Republicans who voted in favor of this are very much in touch with the people of Kansas and their votes reflect that.”

Clayton, again: “I hope he doesn’t come back. I wish him the best. I hope that he remains in Washington and takes a new position and lets us govern here.”

Sen. President Susan Wagle, Republican: “It appears to me that he’s not working with the Republican Legislature when he doesn’t help us with real solutions And my greatest concern is that when he says, ‘You’re the appropriators, it’s your problem,’ and the Legislature sends him a bill, then he vetoes it.”I do believe the Senate and the House will have to come up with a plan to fix the budget.”

Rep. Melissa Rooker, Republican: “We did what the governor challenged us to do. We sent a tax plan to his desk. It’s balanced, it’s fair…it restores solvency to the state.”

Jim Ward, Democrat House minority leader: “We should continue to send him the bill that the people of Kansas voted for in the last election.”

Rep. Steve Johnson, Republican: “You can’t just say no. We have to hear no but …. That’s the part that we need to hear.”

Rep. Clay Aurand, Republican: “There’s a lot of things wrong with this, and I’ve been waiting until the last minute to find an alternative, a possibility I could latch onto, a fig leaf of some kind, but I have yet not seen it.”

Finally, here’s a straight news report from McClatchy reporter Lindsay Wise from Washington, D.C., on Thursday, where she covered Brownback’s appearance on a panel with other governors at the CPAC convention.

It says a lot about Brownback’s ineffectiveness these days in Kansas and on the national stage when it comes  to taxes:

“The panel’s moderator, Richard Graber from the Milwaukee-based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, a conservative charity, introduced Brownback as the man who ‘signed the largest income tax cut in Kansas history.’

“Apart from this mention by the moderator, Brownback did not bring up his signature tax cuts, nor was he asked about them, or about his veto a day earlier.”