Kris Kobach’s clownish actions again aim to hurt Kansas voters

Kris Kobach keeps losing in court but now wants the Legislature to bail out his anti-voter stance.

Kris Kobach keeps losing in court but now wants the Legislature to bail out his anti-voter stance.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach keeps losing in court as he tries to deny people their right to vote.

Yet on Tuesday, Kobach unveiled another bid to get the Kansas Legislature to help prop up this unseemly process.

Specifically, Kobach called for “bifurcated” elections that could prevent tens of thousands of registered voters from taking part in certain future elections.

As Peter Hancock of The Lawrence Journal-World reported: “It would apply to people who register to vote using a federal process that does not require people to show proof of citizenship, ensuring that they could only vote in federal elections, not state or local elections.”

Kobach, it turns out, can’t acknowledge reality, that the courts so far have not found his voter ID measure requiring proof of citizenship in Kansas to be legal.

Worse for the haughty Kobach, as in this case in late 2016, he keeps losing to his arch enemy, the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Kansas law championed more than five years ago by Kobach should be eliminated by the Legislature, not enhanced as he wants. The fact that voter fraud almost never occurs is another reason to take this action.

The Sunflower State should go back to trying to increase the number of voters, not artificially trying to eliminate certain ones from participating in the democratic process.

While they are at it, Kansas lawmakers also should kill the authorization they gave Kobach a few years ago to pursue people accused of voting illegally. At the time, he was the only secretary of state in the nation to get that power.

True to form,  the incompetent Kobach has failed to deliver on the assurances he gave lawmakers that hundreds of potential cases existed. He has reportedly filed only six cases and lost one of those. None was an egregious example of voter fraud.

The Legislature should fully reject Kobach’s clownish attempts to gain even more power to mess up future Kansas elections.


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  1. My comment is purely observational. Mr Kobach’s behavior strikes me as child who just wants attention. The drive is more important than the content. Unfortunately his drive and “thugism” has only led to the detriment of our society. How do we deal with his behavior? I say ignore him and let the courts maintain the standards for our society. Don’t give him the time of day.

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