Kris Kobach and Donald Trump: Still peas in a pod on bogus voter fraud claim

Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach

Puffed up with pride, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach claimed Wednesday he had been talking to President Donald Trump about investigating alleged voter fraud across the country.

His assertion came the same day the delusional Trump — who can’t stand the fact he lost the popular election to Hillary Clinton by almost three million votes — tweeted this absurdity:

Kobach stands alongside Trump in trotting out the bald-faced lie that millions of illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election. No evidence at all supports that. Trump and Kobach, when confronted, have provided none.

But here’s a key issue that Kansans and others must keep in mind whenever they see this kind of statement from Kobach.

He has been the only secretary of state in the entire nation to have the power to prosecute voter fraud, gaining it in June 2015. At the time, Kobach pledged to look into more than 100 cases of possible double voting and, he said, many more cases that would come from a review of 2014 elections.

The results:

— As of April of 2016, Kobach had filed a grand total of six cases in nine months. He actually defended that puny number at the time.

— As of today, Kobach has filed three more cases, according to this story by The Wichita Eagle’s Bryan Lowry.

That’s  right: His witch hunt has amounted to a grand total of nine cases filed in 18 months, at a God-knows-what cost  to Kansas taxpayers in hours and money wasted by state employees.

And Kobach has obtained guilty pleas in just six cases. One was dismissed because of flimsy evidence. Two are pending.

As I have said before, the Legislature needs take this power away from Kobach; he has abused it. Here’s Rep. John Carmichael, a Wichita Democrat, who has a bill to do just that. His reasoning is solid.

“He has brought charges now against, I believe, nine individuals, all of whom are United States citizens, most of whom are Republicans and the vast majority of them are white,” Carmichael said Wednesday.

But as usual, facts don’t matter to the overly zealous secretary of state.

He said Wednesday that data from the 2016 elections would be collected from a lot of states by early February and “that will yield a massive amount of information of people who voted in more than one of those 32 states and so at the point we will have a large number of leads.”

Of course, as we already know, most of those “leads” will turn out to be completely bogus. They will be the result of computer errors, honest human mistakes and other actions that have absolutely nothing to do with on-purpose voter fraud.

Kobach has been angling to get a job in the Trump administration for weeks. Sucking up to Trump on the president’s narcissism is a good way to get one.

Just don’t count on either one of them being really interested in getting the facts on the true lack of voter fraud in Kansas and America.

8 Thoughts.

  1. This is to deflect from investigation of voter suppression – gerrymandering and Kobach’s Crosscheck Voter ID/Supression Program, rigged voting machines. People don’t realized that each state can rig the Crosscheck Program to check and avoid checking any individuals information. For instance, avoiding checking for a middle initial disenfranchises many. I think that the underlying principle is not identification of those who are American citizens to protect their constitutional right to vote…but an attempt to block those who are less likely to vote according to Kobach/Koch/ALEC/GOP preferences. The job description of the Kansas Sec of State (SOS) is to protect Kansas voters by the voting process. Kobach is so busy trying to draw attention to himself and return to politics at the federal that he is failing to do the job for Kansas. Presently he is again attempting to establish a dual voter registration for Kansas voters – one for federal elections and a second for state/local elections. He can’t handle the one system Kansas has, let alone two.

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