Kevin Yoder’s smarmy health care spiel didn’t fool constituents

Kevin Yoder isn't fooling many people with his whining about the Affordable Care Act.

Kevin Yoder isn’t fooling many people with his whining about the Affordable Care Act.

Monday was not a good day for U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder on the health care front. And that’s positive news.

First, around 10 a.m., a small group of concerned citizens visited Yoder’s Overland Park office.

They talked to Yoder’s staff to express their concerns about his call to repeal the Affordable Care Act. (Oh, sorry, make that communistic Obamacare, as Republicans know it.)

Here’s a quick FB post on that visit:







Two hours later, Yoder took to Twitter to either purposely troll the constituents who spoke to his local staff Monday or to just whine on about the Affordable Care Act.

Now for the best part.

Sorry, Kevin, but much of the public is on to you. In comment after smart comment, people on Yoder’s Twitter account pointed out his hypocrisy as well as an incredibly important  fact: Getting rid of the ACA could hurt millions of people. And, by the way, private health insurance isn’t so great either.

Yoder has been promising “repeal and replace” ever since I first visited with him at a Kansas City Star editorial board meeting six years ago.

Saying it is easy. Actually replacing Obamacare with something better for millions of Americans is hard.

Poor Kevin Yoder. He still doesn’t appear up to the task. Johnson Countians and other constituents need to keep visiting his office and pounding on him to deliver better answers.

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  1. You people are lucky, getting to receive Boy Congressman Yoder’s tweets. He blocked me from his taxpayer-funded Facebook page a couple of years ago. Was it something I said?

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