Sorry, America: Electors didn’t save us from a Donald Trump presidency

No doubt about it. Donald Trump is going to be America's next president. Brrr.

No doubt about it. Donald Trump is going to be America’s next president. Brrr.

UPDATED MONDAY 8 P.M.: Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency has overcome plenty of hurdles in the past year. He got over the final big one on Monday.

Despite a fevered campaign involving email and snail mail, the Republican electors gave Trump enough votes to get him sworn in as president on Jan. 20.

Sorry, just felt violently ill there, along with much of America.

Part of my nausea stems from the fact that Clinton collected almost three million more votes nationwide than Trump did. He did not win a landslide — a delusion he clings to weeks after the election.

The Electoral College had been seen as the last defense against a Trump presidency. But just like all the other factors that were supposed to make sure he wasn’t going to get to the White House, this gambit failed.

As did the hope that recounts in a few states could upset the Trump victory after Nov. 8.

As did the hope that voters would reject Trump for his racist, sexist, xenophobic views.

As did the hope that Trump’s illegitimate criticisms of a Gold Star family, Sen. John McCain, Muslims and Mexican would deny him the Oval Office.

As did the hope that Republican voters would select someone among the 16 other GOP presidential candidates in the primaries earlier this year.

All of this is depressing, given Trump’s┬ádangerous Cabinet nominees, his tasteless and ignorant tweets, his failure to understand foreign affairs and his many other faults.

Sorry, America. Sorry, Democrats. No one can stop Donald Trump from becoming president now.

However, tens of millions of Americans can stop Trump’s presidency from ruining this country.

We must fund the right groups that will fight back against him, such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

We must take part in political rallies and put pressure on current elected officials to not follow Trump’s destructive policies.

We must select better members of Congress in 2018.

The fight for the nation’s future is not over on Jan. 20. It has just begun.

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  1. Yale, tip of my hat to you for a thoughtful, civil expression of your concerns. I voted for neither Trump nor Clinton because I had serious objections to both. I still do. Would be interested in your view of the depth of the nation’s divisions between the extremes of the left and right and whether those extremes can possibily coexist.

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