Kris Kobach’s crumbling credibility suffers another blow

Kris Kobach is such a fraud on his bogus illegal voting claims.

Kris Kobach is such a fraud on his bogus illegal voting claims.

More evidence has emerged that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is a complete fraud when it comes to his wild claim that millions of Americans voted illegally on Nov. 8.

Shocking, right?

He first provided no proof of that allegation in early December, as I noted in an analysis of his bogus statements.

Then on Sunday, The New York Times printed¬†online a comprehensive review of the subject. The paper contacted election authorities in all 50 states as reporters investigated Donald Trump’s charge, supported by Kobach, that “millions of illegal voters” went to the polls.

All 50 authorities responded. They included Republicans and Democrats. They were from states with repressive voter ID laws and from states without such laws.

All responded, that is, except for one: Kobach.

As The Times noted in a great summary paragraph: “But inquiries to all 50 states (every one but Kansas responded) found no states that reported indications of widespread fraud. And while additional allegations could surface as states wind up postelection reviews, their conclusions are unlikely to change significantly.”

When given a chance to provide actual proof of fraud, Kobach couldn’t do it.

The conclusion: Millions of people did not vote illegally for Clinton. There was no¬†invasion of “alien voters,” as Kobach likes to demean them, punching the Clinton ticket.

Instead, as the final national results showed, about three million more Americans voted for Clinton than for Trump.

However, the racist, sexist Republican candidate will win the presidency because of Electoral College rules.

No wonder the incompetent Kobach still has a chance of getting a job in the Trump administration.