Dear Donald Trump: Look at sickly new Kansas jobs numbers and ignore Brownback

Donald Trump shouldn't follow Kansas' example on tax cuts.

Donald Trump shouldn’t follow Kansas’ example on tax cuts.

Donald Trump reportedly wants to do the same thing to America that Gov. Sam Brownback has done to Kansas: Cut taxes and wait for  jobs to explode.

New facts released Friday continue to show that’s economic insanity.

Trump and the rest of America need to learn from Brownback’s badly failed tax-cut “experiment.” It’s sure not leading to the employment bonanza the delusional governor promised.

— The state Department of Labor announced Friday that Kansas had 2,800 fewer total nonfarm jobs in November than it had in October.

— Kansas had 3,900 fewer jobs last month than it had in November 2015.  The state thus ranked fifth worst in the entire nation in employment “growth” at minus 0.3 percent.

(Missouri, without a massive tax cut, had gained 57,100 jobs over  the last year for a 2.1 percent growth rate, 14th best in the country.)

— Since November 2015, Kansas had lost 4,500 private-sector jobs. Those are the very ones Brownback pledged to create with his 2012 income tax cuts. But Kansas had gained 600 government jobs over the last year,  thankfully keeping people employed.

— Kansas has lost 1,500 jobs in Brownback’s second term, though he had pledged to create 100,000 new jobs in that time. To reach that goal, Kansas employment should be up 44,000, not down 1,500.

— The Sunflower State’s employment in November 2016 was the lowest it has been since September 2014. Since then, the state has gained 600 jobs, or 0.003 percent. The United States has added 5.55 million jobs, growing 4.0 percent.

Sure, the Department of Labor press release notes that Kansas’ unemployment rate dropped a bit to 4.3 percent in November, down from 4.4 percent in October. However, that’s still one of  the highest figures since it was 4.5 percent in June 2014.

Plus, jobs matter the most in measuring the health of the Kansas economy, not unemployment rates.

Earlier this week, Brownback defended his 2012 program that exempts owners of 330,000 LLCs from paying income taxes.  That’s costing the nearly bankrupt state roughly $250 million a year in revenue.

“We’ve pioneered this area,” Brownback said. “At the very time where we’ve got data now that this is producing jobs. I don’t want us to then go in a direction that is counter to what much of the country is flowing towards.”

In reality, the “data” is showing Kansas is losing jobs. The state is a cautionary tale for  the rest of the nation. Hope Trump realizes that, but fear he won’t.