Bollier rightly rips Brownback’s support for carrying guns on Kansas campuses

Sen.-elect Barbara Bollier wants to keep guns off some campuses in Kansas.

Sen.-elect Barbara Bollier wants to keep guns off some campuses in Kansas.

Kansas Sen.-elect Barbara Bollier was steaming when reached by phone Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m mad. I’m upset,” she said, referring to Gov. Sam Brownback’s comments earlier in the day that he supports the Kansas law that will allow people to carry concealed guns on college campuses starting July 1 in the Sunflower State.

Brownback needs to listen to the people of Kansas, said Bollier, a Republican from Mission Hills who’s leaving her House seat to join the Senate next month. They aren’t in favor of guns on campuses, she said. Indeed, surveys show overwhelming majorities of faculty and staff oppose the law.

“This is a public health issue,” Bollier said. “I want this in bold.”

Mixing guns, alcohol and college-age students together is risky, she said.

She and other opponents also make the point that some parents won’t let their children attend the University of Kansas or other institutions if the campus-carry law takes effect. Plus, some faculty members at the schools as well as physicians at the University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kan., could leave Kansas if students and others start carrying guns.

That makes the campus-carry law an economic development issue, which could increase the brain drain from the Sunflower State.

When the 2017 legislative session starts in January, Bollier said she hopes to stop the law from taking effect at every campus. Instead, she told me, each campus should have the right to decide what it wants to do about the issue.

That’s not a complete ban (which I would strongly favor), which might give political cover to lawmakers in some House and Senate districts so they can pass Bollier’s legislation.

Other lawmakers also are talking about somehow stopping the law from taking effect, though even some critics think that will be tough to do.

Brownback defended his stance on the campus-carry law Wednesday by saying, “I’m not re-thinking my support for the Second Amendment.”

That’s misleading. No one is asking him to give up on his NRA-directive to back the Second Amendment. Instead, he and the Legislature at the very least should approve reasonable restrictions on where guns can be carried.

The issue is similar to smoking, said Bollier, which is perfectly legal but also is prohibited by law in certain places, such as many bars and restaurants. Why?  Smoking affects the health of others, just as carrying a gun on campus would have the potential to do.

Will the Republican-controlled Legislature pass a bill and avoid a Brownback veto?

Bollier said Brownback should do what he’s done many times before: Sign laws and call them the “will of the people” because the Legislature passed them.

The first priority is to stop the current law from taking effect July 1.

13 Thoughts.

  1. I’ve theorized that h. monastic (and its political beard, the Conservatives) will eventually deselect, leaving the rest of us to get on with life. In the interim, however, I’ve also stated that we need to shun the righteous bastards (at a minimum) as well as do our level best to quarantine them in one location.

    Texas, for instance. Brownbackistan, for another.

    Yet it appears the Deplorables have taken it upon themselves to co-opt that strategy: By “liberalizing” gun laws such that 18 year-old college Freshman might be subject to random gun battles, eventually Texas and Brownbackistan will empty out of thinking individuals, leaving but Conservatives to draw down on each other, in all their glorious poverty and hunger (given their knee-jerk adherence to ‘trickle down’ economics.)

    While a Democratic socialist/progressive/liberal/Democrat might find the above scenario amusing –not to say well deserved– if trends continue what are now considered Red and Blue states may well morph (over a generation, say) into actuality.

    Sure, far fetched.

    About as far fetched as a dimwitted TV personality being elected president of the US while losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million ballots.

  2. Well…the Tea Ballers in the state house would like nothing better than students and staff leaving the public education facilities in Kansas. Reason to shut them down and get government out of places they believe should not be . Yes, they think little of the future..neither near or far. I believe it would be hard for them to see the ‘brain drain’; nor the effects on the State.

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