When Sam Brownback moves his lips about jobs, he’s lying

When Sam Brownback talks about his tax plan creating jobs, he's lying.

When Sam Brownback talks about his tax plan creating jobs, he’s lying.

Sam Brownback lies often about the connection between his income tax cuts and job creation. It’s tempting at times to just ignore the delusional Kansas governor.

But that can’t and won’t happen, especially today.

Brownback keeps spouting his lies, as he did this week to The Wichita Eagle in praising fascist Donald Trump’s plan to cut taxes to allegedly stimulate the American economy. (The story does a great job pointing out how poorly the Kansas budget is doing under Brownback’s policies, too.)

“Just as we did in Kansas, the president-elect intends to lower taxes on both individual Americans who are working hard to build a future for themselves and their families, and create a favorable environment for the small businesses that drive growth and create jobs,” Brownback’s statement said. “The national economy has been lethargic for a long time and it is good the president-elect wants to take decisive actions to move our nation forward.”

Here are the facts that undermine the governor’s inane statement.

— Since Brownback’s sharp income tax cuts took effect in January 2013, Kansas through September 2016 had added 31,900 total nonfarm jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That’s a growth rate of 2.3 percent over that entire span.

— The growth rate during the so-called “lethargic” national economy over that time was 7.2 percent.

That’s right: U.S. employment has expanded more than three  times faster than Kansas employment has since the tax cuts went into place in the Sunflower State.

But hey, maybe the Kansas tax cuts just took some time to take effect and to pump up the state’s jobs market.

So let’s look at the data starting in January 2015, right when Brownback took office for his second term. That was also when he had pledged to add 2,000 jobs a month to the Kansas economy.

— Since January 2015, Kansas has added a total of ….

Well, this is embarrassing for Brownback: Kansas has LOST 500 jobs in that span through September 2016.

— Meanwhile, the “lethargic” economy in America has had a growth rate of 3.1 percent.

Other, legitimate organizations  that review tax matters have pointed all of this out, too. Here’s one that also includes my fact-based victory over “economist” Stephen Moore, who helped Brownback put his tax plan in place and is now a Trump adviser.

Brownback’s supporters are tired of these facts getting pointed out. But Kansans must remain vigilant, especially if the governor becomes a part of the Trump administration.