Vote “yes” on Kansas City Questions 1 and 2 but “no” on Question 3

Kansas Citians face three questions on the city portion of their long ballots on Tuesday.

They should vote “yes” on Question 1 and on Question 2. Both essentially get rid of small parcels of unneeded city parkland that might be reused for housing.

Here is a solid story by The Star’s Lynn Horsley that explains why the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department is asking voters to release the land from public ownership.

In both cases, even if the housing is not built, there’s no reason for the city to continue owning the property.

I previously have written about Question 3 and strongly urged a “no” vote on the attempt to impose higher sales taxes on Kansas Citians for a fanciful light-rail proposal.

It comes from Clay Chastain, so you know it’s ripe for rejection. He doesn’t have the city’s support in planning to pay for it, to build it or to propose where it might go.

Some people I have talked to in recent days have confused Question 3 with the city’s streetcar expansion plan. That is a separate issue. It won’t be considered by voters for the first time until 2017, and then only in certain parts of midtown Kansas City.

Even transit supporters are opposing Question 3, pointing out that it takes money from the current bus system and would cost far more than Chastain is allowing for right now. Also, critical federal funding is not available for his plan.

Tuesday’s ballot in Missouri is a long one — including the six ballot questions — but the Kansas City portion of it is quiet simple: Vote “yes” on the first two questions and “no” on Question 3.

You’re done.

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    • Thanks very much Everett. Glad to hear from you. And have a 12k race on the Katy Trail near Columbia on Sunday. Should be fun. Take care.

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