Smarmy Kris Kobach resurfaces, quickly makes another bogus claim

Kris Kobach is back in the news, misleading people again.

Kris Kobach is back in the news, misleading people again.

Kris Kobach in recent weeks has had the “open mouth, insert foot, embarrass Kansans” routine down quite well. And  the smug secretary of state did it again Wednesday.

UPDATE 2 p.m.: To see the lying Kobach in full spin, juke and jive action, watch the video with  this story. He can’t answer questions directly.

And look for great quotes from the ACLU — which has defeated Kobach in court over his repressive voting actions — and a Democratic legislator mocking Kobach’s bogus claims. State Rep. Jim Ward of Wichita said, “Does it concern you that the chief election officer of Kansas lives in another universe?”

And, I would add, gets a paycheck from taxpayers,  too.

Remember, Kobach since mid-2015 has been the only secretary of state in the nation to be able to prosecute people for voter fraud. He pledged dozens, if not hundreds, of cases. He’s filed about a half-dozen — and lost one of those!

Today, Kobach was trying to get in Trump’s good graces by agreeing with the president-elect that somehow Clinton didn’t really win the popular vote by more than two million votes. Which, by the way, she is doing.

As The Lawrence Journal-World noted, Kobach “overstated” findings in a study that claimed some noncitizens did vote in 2008 and 2012. I would have used the word “lied” regarding Kobach’s statements. That’s because he’s supposedly smart enough to have read the study and the stories debunking major parts of it.

A quote from the study: “Further, the likely percent of non-citizen voters in recent US elections is 0.”

Wednesday’s shoot-from-the-hip followed what happened last week, events that prompted Kobach to basically go into hiding and not communicate with the media for more than a week.

He applied for a job in a meeting with Trump 10 days ago, holding for all the world — and photographers — to see what his plans might be if hired as director of Homeland Security. Hmm. Talk about looking unqualified for any job that has the word “security” in it. That embarrassment for Kansans went around the nation.

Days before that, Kobach was blabbing on and on about how Trump was going to renew a Muslim registry and definitely build the Mexico border wall. Kobach was roundly and rightly criticized for those comments as well.

Poor Kansans. They are saddled with this guy until the 2018 elections — unless he gets a job in Washington, D.C. Then all of America will be saddled with him.



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  1. The real irony is that, of the handful he has prosecuted, none of them were immigrants, illegal or otherwise. He only won four cases and they were all due to minor errors.
    The guy is just as much of a fraud as Trumplethinskin.

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