Sample ballot and endorsements for Missouri, Jackson County and Kansas City

votingHere is a list of many of the most important contested Missouri, Kansas City and Jackson County contests that voters will see on Tuesday. My endorsements are in bold.

(The Johnson County sample ballot with endorsements is here.)

If you need more information on any of these contests, please click on this link taking you to all of more than 60 endorsements posted on Yael on the Trail. And here is a link to the Kansas City Election Board ballot, including non-contested races.

President: Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senator: Jason Kander

Governor: Chris Koster

Lt. Governor: Russ Carnahan

Attorney General: Teresa Hensley

U.S. Representative 5th District: Emanuel Cleaver

State Senator 11th District: John Rizzo

Judges: Retain

Here is a link to evaluations of all judges on the ballot from  the Missouri Supreme Court, Jackson County Circuit Court and Jackson County Associate Circuit Court.

Missouri Constitutional Amendments and Propositions

No. 1 (renew state soil and water tax): Yes

No. 2 (limit campaign contributions): Yes

No. 3 (cigarette tax increase): No

No. 4 (forbid taxes on services): No

No. 6 (voter ID): No

Proposition A (cigarette tax increase): No

Jackson County Questions

No. 1 (renew anti-drug COMBAT tax): Yes

No. 2 (tax increase for Community Children’s Services Fund): No

No. 3 (discontinue sales tax on out-of-state vehicle purchases): No

Kansas City Questions

No. 1 (remove parkland): Yes

No. 2 (remove parkland): Yes

No. 3 (tax increases for light rail): No

Proposition L (tax increase for Mid-Continent Public Library): Yes