Sam Brownback’s ‘Week of Reconciliation’ off to a shaky start

Gov. Sam Brownback wants Kansans to reconcile, though it's not clear what that means to everyone.

Gov. Sam Brownback wants Kansans to reconcile, though it’s not clear what that means to everyone.

Is Gov. Sam Brownback asking Kansans to forgive him for the horrible job he’s done in running state government? That’s one way you could take his decision on Wednesday to issue a proclamation declaring “A Week of Reconciliation.”

OK, yes, it’s actually more likely just a lame public relations effort tied to Thanksgiving. And many Kansans — thought not all — didn’t respond so kindly to it on Twitter and Facebook.

First, from Brownback:

“As we bring in a new holiday season with those we hold dear, let us be ever-mindful of the qualities and ideals that bind us together and not let differences turn us bitter towards one another…. It is my sincere hope that Kansans find the peace that forgiveness and reconciliation offers, allowing us to go forward with a renewed hope and excitement for the future.”

Alas, Brownback did not include any examples in the statement of what he might do to work out his differences with Democrats and moderate Republicans who — for example — accurately say his 2012 income tax cuts have gutted the state budget.

Naturally, the governor’s empty statement drew some negative reaction on social media — but also some positive remarks. First, the cons:

Dan Murrow: Wait, are you asking for forgiveness for the giant hole in the budget that you created with your tax experiment?

Jerry Rankin: Before reconciliation there must be repentance, contrition, confession, and, when and where possible, restitution. After you Governor.

Kenny King: Reconciliation? That’s a very strong word. I’m confused as to what disastrous circumstances occurred to beg reconciliation. Please feel free to elaborate.

Jermichael Myers: Kind of like the past 8 years you and your scumbag party revoked every idea out of President Obama?

Kim Matney: Who can be excited about the future while you’re still in office dragging Ks down more and more. Idiot!

However, Brownback did get some loving on his Facebook post, including a little bit of lashing out at his critics.

Jerry Bookter: The only ones refusing to reconcile are the whiny liberal troll fairies with their hands out saying, “Give me free stuff paid for by other people!”

Wendy Cunningham: Amen! We are truly Thankful for you and your family!

And to end on a positive note:

Nina Salmon Hickox: God bless and protect you now and always Governor. Thank you for the job you do amongst all the hate that gets thrown at you. Prayers for you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving!