Reject Brownback’s sneaky, last-minute attack on Kansas Supreme Court justices

Gov. Sam Brownback's PAC helped fund a last-minute attack on Kansas' Supreme Court justices.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s PAC helped fund a last-minute attack on Kansas’ Supreme Court justices.

Remember when Gov. Sam Brownback’s office repeatedly said he wasn’t going to get involved in the battle over whether to retain four Kansas Supreme Court justices he doesn’t politically agree with?

Election Day brought the news that it appears Brownback lied.

Here’s what The Wichita Eagle reported just three weeks ago: “Eileen Hawley, Brownback’s spokeswoman, said in a statement that the governor was not getting involved in the retention races.”

And here’s what the governor told The Kansas City Star in September: “The governor is staying out of the race this year, his spokeswoman Eileen Hawley said in an email. ‘While the governor is pleased there is a discussion about the future of the judiciary in Kansas, he doesn’t plan to take a position on the judges up for retention,’ Hawley said.”

But as Topeka-Capital Journal reporter Jonathan Shorman notes today on Twitter, Brownback’s Road Map PAC gave the Kansas State Rifle Association PAC $5,000 at the very last minute, on Sunday.

What a “coincidence.”

Over the weekend, the Kansas State Rifle Association PAC unleashed an incredibly misleading attack through robo-calls against the four justices. They are Lawton Nuss, Carol Beier, Dan Biles and Marla Luckert.

Brownback’s backers claim these four are “liberals” who aren’t pro-life or pro-death penalty and need to be kicked off the court.

Actually, they have a solid record of acting on behalf of Kansans, including when it comes to trying to make sure schools are adequately funded, a prime concerns of Sunflower State residents.

Brownback, saddled with low approval ratings, had publicly stayed out of the retention dispute. Kansans for Life and other groups had carried the ball in assaulting the justices’ reputations.

Voters should reject the late, Brownback-financed attempt to oust the justices. Retain them in office today.

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