Part One: Disgusting Republican attack ads on Democrats in Kansas

This is a slimy attack ad by Republican forces on Democrat Vicki Hiatt, the better candidate in the Kansas Senate District 10 race.

A slimy ad by Republican forces attacks Democrat Vicki Hiatt, the better candidate in the Kansas Senate District 10 race.

Democratic Kansas Senate candidate Vicki Hiatt wants to make it clear: “I’m not a member of ISIS,” she told me with a laugh on Wednesday.

Whew. Glad we cleared that up.

The interview with Hiatt was part of my review of the fact that supporters of Republican and Democratic candidates are flooding the mailboxes of Johnson County voters with disgusting or inaccurate last-minute ad fliers.

This post looks at the GOP’s attempts to smear Democratic candidates.

(And here is  the post on how Democrats are acting badly vs. moderate GOP candidates in Johnson County.)

To be clear, the Republican attacks are worse in some ways, especially by implying that Democratic candidates are soft on  terrorism. That’s absurd.

Consider the “Have you met your new neighbors” ad from the Kansas Republican Party, which is especially repugnant. In fact, the most recent arrests of alleged terrorists came in Garden City, and involved three white militia members planning an attack on local Muslims.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are trying to link the extremely unpopular Gov. Sam Brownback  to everyone GOP candidate imaginable. That’s especially misleading when used against those — led by Kansas Senate candidate Dinah Sykes in the 21st District — who ousted Brownback’s ultra-conservative sycophants in the August primary.

Now back to the offensive Republican ad assaults on Democrats.

Hiatt is a prime example of a strong Johnson County candidate targeted by the GOP.

Hiatt is running to oust ultra-con Mary Pilcher-Cook — who has backed bad Brownback policies in the Legislature in the past — in the Kansas Senate 10th District race. Hiatt is the better choice here, especially given Pilcher-Cook’s near-bizarre  behavior for years as a legislator.

That was perhaps topped with her ridiculous support for having a live sonogram done at an anti-abortion hearing in 2014 in the state Capitol.

Take a look at  the photo of the flier with this post. Tying Hiatt to some of these claims is preposterous. Obviously she’s not part of any effort to make it more dangerous for Kansans to live peacefully in the Sunflower State.

Here's a deceptive Kansas Republican Party mailer aimed at Senate candidate Chris Morrow.

Here’s a deceptive Kansas Republican Party mailer aimed at Senate candidate Chris Morrow.

Late Wednesday afternoon, another Kansas Republican Party mailer showed up in my Facebook feed. It’s yet another ridiculous attempt to smear a Democratic candidate (see photo at left).

It’s aimed at Chris Morrow, the better candidate in the 9th District State Senate race. He’s running against ultra-con GOP incumbent Julia Lynn.

Voters who want positive change in Kansas need to get rid of Brownback allies like Lynn and put new people like Morrow in the Senate.

After Hiatt told me Wednesday she wasn’t an ISIS member, she added, “I’m a retired school teacher.” And of the mailings, she said, “It’s just silly stuff.”


Voters should pay no attention to claims that suggest a state lawmaker wants to unleash hordes of terrorists on Kansas. It’s not true. Plus, Democrats are just as capable of keeping this state and nation safe from terrorists.

Voters need to elect Hiatt this fall, send Pilcher-Cook packing and put a more reasonable voice in place in Topeka.