New jobs report should stop Sam Brownback’s ignorant whining (but won’t)

Gov. Sam Brownback keeps saying jobs are coming to Kansas. They aren't.

Gov. Sam Brownback keeps saying jobs are coming to Kansas. They aren’t.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s ignorant pronouncements the last few weeks, months and years about jobs, his reckless income tax cuts and the staggering state economy have made him the laughingstock of Kansas.

And the hits just kept coming Friday.

The new state and national jobs reports reveal Brownback still doesn’t get  the fact that neighboring states that didn’t slash taxes are doing better than Kansas in job growth.

And other farm-intense states are doing better, too, despite that “rural recession” he keeps whining about.

Let’s get right to the facts, all of which are readily available from the Kansas Department of Labor and the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

First, Kansas did gain 900 jobs in October, meaning it’s now “only” 1,100 jobs below where it was in January 2016.

Second, Kansas is 5,300 jobs shy of where it was in October 2015. That loss of 0.4 percent in employment over  the past year is the fourth worst rate in the entire country.

Third, Kansas has now gained a total of — hang on to your hats — 400 total jobs in Brownback’s entire second term. That’s just a little shy of the 2,100 jobs a month he pledged to create, which would have been about 44,000 by now.

Moving on, how is Kansas doing versus the nation and the six states that Brownback and his economic team for the last several years have wanted to compare to the Sunflower State?


Colorado, up 2.5 percent

Missouri, up 1.8 percent (up 50,900 jobs in last 12 months vs. the loss of 5,300 by Kansas)

U.S. average, up 1.7 percent

Iowa, up 1.1 percent

Arkansas, up 0.9 percent

Nebraska, up 0.4 percent

Kansas, down 0.4 percent

Oklahoma, down 0.7 percent

Let’s keep the ball rolling. How is Kansas doing in employment gains compared with other big farm states, given the fact that many commodity prices are depressed (which is one thing Brownbback has correct).

Let’s review job growth over the last 12 months for the 10 top agricultural producing states, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

California, 2.4 percent

North Carolina, up 2.0 percent

Texas, up 1.7 percent

Iowa, up 1.1 percent

Minnesota, up 1.1 percent

Indiana, up 1.0 percent

Wisconsin, up 1.0 percent

Illinois, up 0.5 percent

Nebraska, up 0.4 percent

Kansas, down 0.4 percent

All I can say is, thank God for Oklahoma.


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