Incompetent Kris Kobach is right for Donald Trump but wrong for America

Kris Kobach as U.S. attorney general? Brrr.

Kris Kobach as U.S. attorney general? Brrr.

Part of me wants fascist president-elect Donald Trump to appoint Kris Kobach as  the next U.S. attorney general, a rumor getting around Washington on Tuesday.

Then the whole nation could see how legally incompetent the Kansas secretary of state really is. Check how the ACLU has kicked his butt in court in recent months.

But ….  America’s attorney general is extremely powerful, serving as the head of the Department of Justice. The next person in the job will be able to create a ton of chaos when pursuing ideological goals — as Kobach no doubt would on behalf of Trump.

Kobach is delusional enough to think a wall will be built between Mexico and the United States — and Mexico will pay for it.

Being the most anti-immigration — legal and otherwise — attorney general in history? Kobach’s the man for that job based on his past actions. Oh, and Kobach calls them “aliens,” not illegal immigrants, like they came here from Mars.

Want a guy who will try to suppress the voting rights of all Americans who aren’t white Republicans? Kobach is Trump’s guy, again based on past actions to make it more difficult to vote in Kansas.

If  there’s anything positive with a Kobach appointment, it’s this: He’s not a very good attorney, based on the outcomes of his recent court cases.

Remember when the Kansas Legislature blindly gave him power in 2015 to prosecute people who were “illegal voters” to cut down on “voter fraud”? Kobach had pledged to swoop in and put these people on trial and show the world the Sunflower State wouldn’t be a place for anyone to abuse the voting system.

In the nearly 18 months since  then, the incompetent Kobach has prosecuted about a half-dozen cases. He even lost a high-profile one after going hard after an elderly Johnson County woman.

Anyone who thinks Kobach is a keen legal intellect is kidding themselves. He would be ideologically right for a fascist Trump administration. But Kobach would be legally wrong for America.