Give Donald Trump a chance? Not a chance in hell

Don't give Donald Trump a chance to destroy America.

Don’t give Donald Trump a chance to destroy America.

President Barack Obama wants to give Donald Trump “a chance” to lead America. So do liberal New York Times columnist Nicolas Kristof and too many others in the Democratic Party and left-leaning media.

What a bunch of chumps.

Trump blew chance after chance after chance during the more than a year that he ran for president. His misogynistic, racist and unprofessional remarks have been well-cataloged.

Oh, but he won the presidency! America needs a peaceful transition.

Sorry, but no. Trump won’t change his ways. He’s already showing that with his selections of Steve Bannon and others to be his administration’s sounding board.

He didn’t release his tax returns. He won’t create a real blind trust for his assets. He will be a walking, unconstitutional conflict of interest every minute he is president.

Being president means compromising and Trump will realize that.

No, he won’t. Over many months he didn’t apologize on the campaign trail to John McCain, to the women he groped, to Khizr Khan, to the Muslims or Mexicans he denigrated.

Trump thinks compromise is a weakness. Heard any good stories about Trump compromising on anything major? And caving in to pay $25 million to settle the Trump University lawsuit isn’t a good example; that was just business to make a legal irritation go away.

In his recent interview with The New York Times, Trump may have sounded like he was having a change of heart on several issues. But check the transcript. He didn’t fully back down, or apologize or lay out a new plan of action. No, Trump played his con game on The Times’ editors and reporters.

The Republicans in Congress will rein him in.

What a hoot. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have already turned spineless after the election. Push comes to shove, they won’t challenge Trump’s major initiatives, whether it’s gutting environmental programs, the Affordable Care Act, funding for climate change research or a dozen other federal programs.

Ryan, McConnell and the Republicans in Washington crave power in getting their conservative programs in place.  Trump will help them do that. They will do as he says far more times than not.

I’m not going to give the sliver of a second (or 102nd) chance to Donald Trump. He will be a reckless and destructive commander in chief.

The solutions? Americans should fight back every chance they get, from now on.

Give to the ACLU; it will need the money to battle Trump’s attacks on our constitutional rights.

Give to Planned Parenthood so it can continue to provide health care to women and men.

The Americans who gave Hillary Clinton the majority of votes in the presidential election need to lobby — and hard — Democrats in Congress to derail Trump’s Supreme Court selections, dismantling of the EPA, defunding of social programs, the building of a wall with Mexico, and the disgraceful attempts to deport millions of immigrants and put in place a Muslim registry.

Check out other ideas of resistance. Here’s James Downie of The Washington Post. And Lucas Grindley of The Advocate: “Democracy doesn’t require sitting on the sidelines, no matter how many days it is past Election Day.”

Will I give Trump a chance to be the president who destroys America? Not a chance in hell.