Election timeout: Second large garden project done

Garden project #2 is done. Plenty of room for a few more shrubs. On to project #3.

Garden project #2 is done. Plenty of room for a few more shrubs. On to project #3.

Ever wonder where some of the donations that make this site possible wind up? In our gardens in east Kansas City — invested in plants, stone and mulch to create a more environmentally friendly future for America (too much?).

In between talking to people about the 2016 elections and thinking about 2016 election posts and writing about the 2016 elections, I’m trying to finish four large garden projects before it gets too cold. The first one is here, completed last week.

The second project is pictured above, with the start of a long pine bark mulch pathway in front and a new garden space in back.

I know: Looks like a lot of mulch in the garden area. That’s partly because the shrubs already planted will get larger over  time and you have to allow space for them to grow. (A gardening tip learned over the last 35 years of doing this.) Secondly, my wife and I are looking for special bushes to go here.

Now on to project number  three: lowering the boxed herb/vegetable garden by about a foot (to  the left). Need the dirt for project number four, where I dig up 350 square feet of a grass-infested  daylily garden. Lots of shoveling ahead.

I hope global warming continues for a few more weeks in Kansas City.


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