Dump Trump timeout: Third large garden project is done

Under Laney's watchful eye, the third garden project was completed Monday.

Under Laney’s watchful eye, the third garden project in our KC backyard was completed Monday.

Thank goodness for our extended global warming phase. On a balmy Monday, I finished the third of four large fall garden projects in our east Kansas City backyard.

Digging and planting in the garden are great ways to relieve the stress caused by the political machinations swirling around these days. Try it!

The first large garden project and the second one were completed earlier this fall. All part of revamping about 1,200 square feet of overgrown flower and shrub beds that were neglected for too much of 2016. (Yes, this is where some of readers’ donations for this website are helping to improve America!)

Project three involved (see photo):

— Reducing a 192-square-foot vegetable and herb garden (on the right) by about 1 foot in height. I got rid of a few dozen wood timbers that enclosed the garden and piled the leftover dirt in the back of the bed, for use later elsewhere in the garden. Herbs were replanted in front; vegetables will be planted in the spring.

— Finishing a 72-foot-long, 42-inch wide path (foreground) that goes most of the length of the new garden areas. The path is covered with pine bark nuggets.

— Getting rid of plants in a 150-square-foot bed (left in photo), covering that area in mulch and planting a few mugo pines. Several bushes — meant to be bird-friendly — will be planted in spring 2017.

— Planting about 80 daylilys inside and along the curve of the gardens, next to the pathway.

The fourth and final garden project will involve moving 100 or so more daylilys and getting a large area ready for new plantings in 2017.

A gardener’s work is never done, thank goodness. Hope your gardens are doing well as we prepare for cold weather to arrive in Kansas City — one of ┬áthese days.