Dear “undecided” voters in Clinton vs. Trump race: Please stay home Tuesday

You're "undecided" between these two presidential candidates? Are you kidding me?

You’re “undecided” between these two presidential candidates? Are you kidding me?

I’m getting plenty of last-minute questions about down-ballot issues and races in Missouri and Kansas. That’s understandable. Lots of people don’t pay attention to these contests until right before Election Day, which I’ve noticed while writing about politics for 32 years.

That’s partly why I’ve written blog posts containing more than 60 endorsements for state and local races on Yael on the  Trail right here.

But here’s what is untenable this close to Tuesday’s election.

Too many Americans say right now they are “undecided” in the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which has been prompting media to seek  them out.

Are you kidding me?

Both Clinton and Trump have been front-and-center topics of discussion in the media for more than the last year.

It’s well-established that the two candidates are polar opposites in many ways, from political experience to economic plans to temperament to the simple basic fact of gender.

You can find good reasons to distrust and even hate both of them, as most Americans say they do in public opinion polls.

What is not at all understandable is that possibly millions of people claim they still can’t make up their minds about which one of these candidates would be better for the country’s future. (Which led to this funny Onion rant over  the weekend.)

And while I’m With Her, there are plenty of people who are ardent Trump fans. They have their reasons; Clinton’s supporters have theirs.

The undecideds, though, contend they are still having trouble deciding whether Trump’s scandals are worse than Clinton’s. Or whether his plans for the country are superior to Clinton’s.

Which leads me to this conclusion.

Much as it pains me to say in this time of democracy in action — and much as undecided voters could help decide local and state issues this week — they need to do something unusual.

Stay home on Tuesday. Don’t vote.

If you’re “undecided” at this late date on the presidential race, the future of America should not be in your hands.