Vote “No” on silly Kansas hunting and fishing amendment

People love to hunt and fish in Kansas. On Nov. 8, the National Rifle Association wants to make sure the Kansas Constitution includes the right to do these activities.

Vote “no” on Amendment 1. It’s the NRA’s silly attempt to keep scaring people into thinking their ability to carry around as many weapons as they want could be taken away at any moment. That’s nonsense, especially in gun-happy Kansas.

No serious person in the Sunflower State thinks their hunting and fishing rights are under attack.

Even a Republican state representative, Ken Corbet, told Kansas Public Radio he “doesn’t expect any efforts to limit hunting soon” — or for 40 to 50 years.

Some Amendment 1 supporters point out that a California ballot initiative once banned mountain lion hunting — in 1990. That hardly rises to a credible threat to hunting and fishing in Kansas in 2016 or into the future.

Keeping these rights out of the state Constitution will allow future lawmakers and residents to be able to quickly put in place any needed restrictions on hunting. Sometimes the people of a state want to ban certain types of hunting, such as for conservation reasons.

Ron Klataske, executive director of Audubon of Kansas, correctly pointed out recently that residents need the ability to prevent unsportsmanlike practices. “It’s ridiculous to put something like that in the state constitution,” he said.

Kansas does not need to enshrine the “rights” to hunt, fish and trap wildlife into the Constitution.

91 Thoughts.

  1. Yael doesn’t harbor a major grudge against Kansas?
    He’s not been on a vendetta against the state?
    Look at that title! “SILLY KANSAS”
    “..scaring people into thinking their ability to carry around as many weapons..” Don’t you mean people like Hillary Clinton? Wikileaks documents confirm Clinton’s goal to further restrict the 2nd Amendment.
    “Keeping these rights out of the state Constitution will allow future lawmakers and residents to be able to quickly put in place any needed restrictions on hunting.” Wow! Yael is inadvertently making the case for proponents of Amendment 1, as future lawmakers could quickly put in place restrictions on hunting.
    Looks like you shot yourself in the foot on that one!

    • I don’t think he does know sentence structure or understands how to argue. To change the meaning of someone’s text and to use that to support his point of view, is the poorest argument
      . Schools and parents should just teach sentence structure and logical argument until the kid gets it.

  2. Ray Townley obviously has no qualms about hunting endangered species. Bottom line. Shoot them till there are no more, like the Passenger Pigeon.

    “(2014 marked)…the 100th anniversary of the passenger pigeon’s extinction. In the intervening years, researchers have agreed that the bird was hunted out of existence, victimized by the fallacy that no amount of exploitation could endanger a creature so abundant.”

    Restrictions on hunting are needed if species that are hunted are going to survive.

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