New Kansas jobs report is universally bad (sorry Mr. Brownback)

Poor Sam Brownback. The reality is that jobs are falling in Kansas, despite his claims.

Poor Sam Brownback. The reality is that jobs are falling in Kansas, despite his claims.

Lather, rinse, repeat: The Kansas jobs numbers out on Friday morning for September are bad, bad, bad, bad and bad.

They show, once again, that Gov. Sam Brownback’s recent tour touting his 2012 income tax cuts as a ray of “sunshine” for the state’s employment market is a  total sham.

The Kansas Department of Labor and  the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed the ugly numbers.

Bad: Kansas had 600 fewer jobs in September than in August.

Bad: The Sunflower State had 2,100 fewer private sector jobs in September than in August.

Bad: The unemployment rate went up again to 4.4 percent, from 4.3 percent in August.

Bad: Over the last year, Kansas had the 6th worst jobs “growth” rate in the entire nation, at minus 0.4 percent. That equals a loss of 5,900 in total employment.

Bad: Kansas has now lost 500 jobs in the entire 20 months of Brownback’s second term — in which he had pledged to add 2,000 jobs every single month.

That’s  right. Instead of having about 40,000 newly employed people in that time, Kansas has lost 500 jobs.

UPDATED 4 PM: Brownback policy analyst Ian Fury earlier Friday tweeted that unemployment rates also were rising in Kansas’ neighboring states.  Alas, Fury and Brownback don’t understand that the most crucial metric in measuring job growth is, well, actual jobs.

So I checked to see how those surrounding states had done over the last year, even though their unemployment rates have been going up, as has the one in Kansas. The result: Four are doing far better than Kansas over the last year; only one is doing worse.

Colorado: up 69,200 jobs, or 2.7 percent

Iowa: up 29,600, or 1.9 percent

Missouri: up 31,100 jobs, or 1.1 percent

Nebraska, up 8,600 jobs or 1.0 percent

Oklahoma, down 11,300 jobs or 0.7 percent.

Does all of this sound familiar?

The numbers have been exasperatingly low for months. Kansas has been in  the bottom 10 of national jobs growth for most of the last 18 months. Here’s a short trip down ugly memory lane:

August numbers: Ignore Brownback’s delusions: New report shows jobs down, unemployment up

July numbers: New jobs report is an utter disaster for Kansas and Brownback

June numbers: Please clap: Kansas jobs are up but so is unemployment rate

Yes, Kansans are used to seeing this kind of dismal information and shaking their heads at it.

It all wouldn’t be so galling if Brownback would just fess up and admit that the state has big problems, starting with  the excessive and reckless tax cuts he championed four years ago.

Instead, he barges forward on some kind of hollow victory tour, oblivious to the economic problems he has created for the Sunflower State.

It’s yet another reason voters need to send more moderate Republicans and Democrats to the Legislature on Nov. 8.

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  1. All of this negative job and economic news just makes me wonder, what good has come to our state’s economy while Senator Julia Lynn has served as chair of the Senate Commerce Committee? Lynn has served in this capacity for four (4) straight legislative sessions. During that time not a single substantive bill has come out of her committee to help advance the conduct of commerce, or grow jobs in Kansas. Jobs have grown in senate 9, but I defy you to find one local business leader or elected official who can point to where the state has played a primary role in attracting business, growing jobs, or stimulated the economy in De Soto, Gardner, or Olathe in any way.

  2. Chris Morrow, right wingers don’t believe in the state meddling in the private sector, so the Commerce Committee mustn’t do anything like you suggest. (Gag me with a spoon so I can vomit!)

  3. According to the guv, in his speech to the Pachyderm Club, to which you provided the link, he shows charts and spews statistics that make things sound much better than the average overall idea about Kansas budgets and revenue. Is it possible for you to break down his speech, point by point? He is such smoothe talker I can’t find a chink in his armor!

  4. Sorry Mr. Brownback, my eye. He’s getting the results so many of us predicted. We’d seen this before.

    I and a lot of us feel far more sorry for Kansans even though they voted this clown and his Republican Party cohorts into office.

    • Mo Rage, I and several more no longer feel sorry for any of our fellow Kansans. The reason being that even as I watch this moron completely and undeniably destroy Kansas l see that a majority of voters in my state want to elect a president who has promised to take these failed policies nationwide. Either, the non voters are still not concerned enough that it is up to us to change the direction of our state legislature, or the majority of Kansan’s honestly like what’s happening that they are willing to perpetuate the dismal economy of the last six years. If my fellow Kansans actually feel it is time to change the state then there is no way the voters can support the Republican presidential candidate!

  5. Sheesh! “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” was published 12 years ago!
    Didn’t people in Kansas think it might be a good idea to pick up a copy and read it?

    • Our high and protected class likes Kansas so well that they drown out the suffering and disadvantaged classes beneath them.

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