How to vote in person, starting today, in Johnson County

Advance, in-person voting starts today in Johnson County.

Advance, in-person voting starts today in Johnson County.

The voting lines could be long on Nov. 8 in this presidential election year. Here’s the best way to avoid them.

Starting this morning (Oct. 24), Johnson County residents can vote in advance, in person. Wyandotte County’s early in-person voting begins Tuesday.

Here is all the information you should require to get started on voting in person or via mail in Johnson County and in Wyandotte County.

Johnson County Election Commissioner Ronnie Metsker recently laid out this scenario for KMBC-TV:  “If we get to 50 percent or greater (voting early), that will help immensely. We’re talking 400,000 registered voters in Johnson County. Eighty percent turnout would mean 320,000 voters. If we have 160,000 people vote early, that leaves us 160,000 on voting day, Nov. 8. That would help a lot.”

Take a good look at those numbers. It means many local voters already have made up their minds about who’s going to get their support in the presidential race as well as in crucial Kansas House and Senate races.  These people are ready to cast  their votes.

Especially in Johnson County, that means many Democratic and moderate Republican candidates and  their supporters are running out of time, day by day, to sway voters to their sides.

So who should get your votes?

Here are my recommendations for the Kansas House and Kansas Senate seats in Johnson County.

I also have endorsed retaining all five Kansas Supreme Court justices in this post.

Finally, here’s my “yes” for the new Johnson County Courthouse sales tax.


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  1. I’m a Dotte gal. I appreciate the info! I sure don’t want to wait till November 8th. haha I hate standing in lines!


  2. Just cast my ballot at the soon-to-be museum on Metcalf. From the congestion in the parking lot, I thought it might take a long time, but the line moved very quickly. Lots of workers to assist voters. Make sure you have a photo ID.

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