Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton in St. Louis

Hillary Clinton in St. Louis

That’s it. That’s my endorsement: Hillary Clinton for president.

There’s not much more to say, although the media have gone on and on and on in recent days endorsing her as well.

If you plan to vote for Clinton – a deeply flawed person but an extremely well-qualified presidential candidate – you’re already on the right side.

You’re With Her.

I’m With Her.

Let’s get it done on Nov. 8 and hope she can work with Congress to slow the spread of terrorism, support renewable energy, clean the environment, battle climate change, raise the minimum wage and work for a better future of the American economy.

But if you think Donald Trump should be president – despite all the misogynistic, racist stuff he’s said interspersed with lie after lie about topic after topic over the last year – nothing I write here will dissuade you.

(I do hope, however, that Trump backers will choose to also read other stuff on this blog, which we might agree on. Thanks.)

If you are intent on supporting Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, it’s your choice to waste your vote on a highly questionable third-party candidate at a crucial time in American democracy.

Finally, if you claim to be “undecided” in this race, I’m really not sure what to say. Undecided voters must not know what the real issues are in this campaign. Undecided voters seem ready to be swayed by last-minute comments from either one of the candidates.

In short, most undecided voters are — how to put this delicately? — too ignorant to be trusted with a say in this election. Please stay home.

Hillary Clinton for president. It’s that simple. It’s that necessary.

34 Thoughts.

  1. I also support Mrs Clinton for president. I feel Trump is in it for himself. He acts like a spoiled child in so many ways when he isn’t being a bully. I’m probably voting more against Trump than I’m voting for Mrs Clinton but I do believe she is the most qualified of the candidates.
    I also have reservations about Trump and his his ties too Putin and the Russian government.

  2. My younger son and grandson are who I worry about, not the RICH! Which of these candidates can do the most for the middle class and their children’s future? ONLY Hillary Clinton. SHE may have a husband that was scoundrel BUT Hillary has spent her whole life to get programs in place that HELP women and children, and HAS not used the vile language , groped men, made fun of MUSLIM people or those with disabilities. SHE will NOT lose her temper and start a nuclear war because she felt slighted! THAT IS WHY SHE IS the most qualified to be president at this time..

  3. Thank you for continuing to produce and share your work. Your talent and insight are needed and appreciated. I must add that I admire Hillary Clinton and will proudly cast my vote for her.

    • I so agree with you, Wendy.
      I do not know where the media comes up with the “deeply flawed” description.
      I think that, basically, she is a successful woman in a field mostly dominated by men. And men don’t like that. Just look what is written about Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Boxer. See how Donald Trump described Carly Fiorina.

    • Thanks for the comment, Wendy. Followed her various ethical problems for more than two decades — yet still think she’s easily most qualified candidate for president this year.

  4. Yael, so glad you have started a Blog.I always value your opinions and most times even agree with them. Still cannot believe anyone would vote for the Donald. Look forward to reading “Yael on the Trail.”

  5. Yael, good to read your thoughts and we are all deeply flawed as human beings. Hillary Clinton is the most qualified presidential candidate in our history, let’s give her credit where credit is due. She has my vote!

  6. This comment section is an echo chamber. You know what that is, right? Where the Democrat candidate gets the questions in advance and collusion between the “unbiased” 4th estate and the campaign place her on her throne in Rome On The Potomac.

    The corruption from the Clinton scofflaws, in conjunction with the IRS, the DOJ, and the State Department, which in is ignored and obfuscated by a necrotic, lickspittle press, will, no doubt place your favorite Oligarch in charge of a country with a one party system.

    You Yael, were part of that 4th Estate. The “shoulder soldier” for the Democrat Party which provides a corrupt weaponized relentless assault from a mendacious, Progressive, monolith that encompasses entertainment, education, government, unions and career politicians who all have the sympathetic, symbiotic ear of that same corrupt and pernicious press.

    Best wishes in your new endeavor.

    • My goodness me Chuck. I didn’t realize I was such a loser. I’m a Dem and I don’t recognize any of the things that you list. Just for the record, my parents told me I was born in Kansas but there seems to be no original birth certificate in existence. Could you ask der Fuhrer to look into my ancestry. That would be just dandy. I’ll report for deportation if he discovers I’m an alien.

  7. For what it’s worth, I agree with you on Mrs. Clinton and on the above commenters who point out she’s not actually any more “deeply flawed” than any of the other presidents we’ve ever had.

    This is EXACTLY the type of expressed ignorance which has given Yael such a bad reputation over the years.
    He writes, “…to slow the spread of terrorism, support renewable energy, clean the environment, battle climate change, raise the minimum wage and work for a better future of the American economy.”
    If we take Yael at his word, then we can only surmise that despite being a career “journalist”, he must not read very much, otherwise he’d know that Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of SPREADING TERRORISM! Please review the history of al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, and other Islamic extremist groups, as well as Clinton’s involvement in destroying Libya, Syria, etc.

    • Its always interesting to hear from the Chicken Little faction and catch-up on the new tinfoil hat fashions. I think that HRC will have to be held on point and forced to stand up to what she has stated she will be behind in her administration. However trying to make her responsible for ISIS is why the GOP has lost so much credibility that they couldn’t get anyone to vote for THEIR candidates this election cycle. There is only a small minority who look good in a tinfoil hat.

      • Pamela, exactly what does this jumble of words supposed to mean?
        “I think that HRC will have to be held on point and forced to stand up to what she has stated she will be behind in her administration.”

  9. This probably will not change anyone’s mind Yael but here goes.
    The Idaho Statesman has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. I believe it is one of the best thought out and well reasoned endorsements (by an editorial board) of this election.

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