George Brett pinch-hits for a struggling Kevin Yoder

George Brett is endorsing Kevin Yoder, again.

George Brett is endorsing Kevin Yoder, again.

Hall of Fame baseball player George Brett says he is “still a Yoder voter” in a new campaign ad for 3rd District U.S. congressman Kevin Yoder.

It’s little more than a  piece of fluff that still raises a few questions. When Brett says Yoder “turns down his government health care,” my first thought was, why would he do that? That’s not very smart.

As for accomplishments in Washington, where Brett says Yoder “fights for us,” the Royals’ former third baseman doesn’t list any of those. And that’s a problem.

Brett’s ad helps illustrate the fact that Yoder is struggling in what was expected to be an easy victory for Republicans this  fall.

But that was before Yoder attached himself to the imploding presidential aspirations of Donald Trump, which could hurt him in more progressive parts of Johnson County.

It was before Democrat Jay Sidie — whom I have previously endorsed over Yoder — got an infusion of party money to throw into his campaign. And it was before Sidie and others tied Yoder to the policies of an extremely unpopular Gov. Sam Brownback.

So as the polls have  tightened, Yoder has brought in Brett to help him round the bases and get a fourth term in Washington. (Brett appeared at the end of a 2014 Yoder-voter ad as well.)

The ploy might work. Yoder is running in a pro-Republican district, even including the parts  that are in Wyandotte County.

Still, the 2016 race is exposing the fact that Yoder — like many congressional representatives in both political parties — should not take re-election for granted like he once did.

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