Experienced Hensley over rookie Hawley for Missouri attorney general

Teresa Hensley is the best candidate in the race for Missouri's attorney general.

Teresa Hensley is the best candidate in the race for Missouri’s attorney general.

Teresa Hensley served as Cass County prosecutor for 10 years and has experience pursuing convictions in courtrooms, especially regarding abuse of children, seniors and domestic partners. Even more importantly, the Democratic candidate for Missouri attorney general has a solid view of how the office should work on behalf of all Missourians.

Hensley is the choice for this crucial office over Josh Hawley, the latest in the line of pretty-boy Republican candidates without any elective experience in Missouri. Think Eric Greitens-light.

Hawley is also another copy-cat and empty-rhetoric critic of “big government.” It’s chilling that he wants to use the office for his personal vendetta against a woman’s right to have an abortion. And he has a twisted view of religious liberties, which he used last year in opposing legal same-sex marriages.

By contrast, Hensley would stand up for Missourians who are victims of consumer fraud. She also has the right priorities on a number of issues. I particularly like her definition of what it would mean to be the “people’s attorney.”

“She will work to bridge the trust gap between police officers and communities of color. She will also aggressively prosecute public figures who break the law, rooting out the culture of corruption in Jefferson City, and investigating and prosecuting those who abuse the public trust, regardless of their political party.”

Basically, Hensley is the kind of candidate who would keep a close eye on those trying to take advantage of ordinary Missourians. She’s the right person to put in  the attorney general’s office.

Here’s a strong editorial by The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on behalf of Hensley, too.

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